Meet us in Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, London

Posted by Sigurd on 14 April 2009

SilverStripe staff are hitting the USA East Coast and UK in May. We're keen to meet developers and organisations interested in our software and our business.

You'll get to learn the story behind SilverStripe, influence our upcoming decisions, ask pointed questions, and get a preview of upcoming features!

Please join us, and spread the word; key SilverStripe staff are not in these cities every day! If you have specific things you'd like to learn or share with us at the meetings, provide details as a comment below.

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  • Lamin, yes, as time passes we'll put up blog posts, screenshots, and possibly videos/screencasts :)

    You can also look at a technical "what's happening" over at, but note that it changes quite frequently as we re-prioritise work.

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 5 years ago

  • Cool..Sounds very exciting :) . I wish you guys all the best. So is there any chance you would post some of the demo materials here so that we can all see some of the new upcoming features after the events?

    Greetings from Gambia.

    Posted by Lamin Barrow, 5 years ago

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