Microsoft WinCache benchmarks show 2x performance boost

Posted by Sigurd Magnusson on 7 January 2010

Running SilverStripe on your Windows environments has just become faster!

Benchmarking done by our European partner iBuildings shows some dramatic performance improvements with Microsoft's new WinCache 1.0 PHP bytecode cache. The release of WinCache means that the past performance disadvantage of running SilverStripe on the Windows IIS web server (as opposed to Apache on Linux) has been largely eliminated. Microsoft describes the tool as containing three caches:

  • an opcode file cache, just like the one that APC provides to cache compiled PHP code;
  • a file cache to help when your PHP scripts run on remote servers; and
  • a relative file cache to cache relative file paths when you are running PHP scripts on remote servers.

WinCache therefore makes SilverStripe webpages and the CMS load much faster. iBuildings' benchmarks showed that WinCache roughly doubles the performance:

iBuildings benchmarks of Wincache

The exact performance improvement you might see will vary but you can rest assured that your website will run much quicker. We'd love to know the level of performance increase you find using WinCache.


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