Pagetypeitis and dependancy injection: Wellington meetup videos are up

Posted by Cam Findlay on 18 March 2014

wellington community meetupVideos from the March 5th, 2014 Wellington SilverStripe developer community meetups are up on our vimeo video knowldge-base, well worth a watch!
Since the talks got a bit technical, it will be good to rewatch (if you came along that night) and absorb the material again. Check them out for the first time if you didn't make it (or are on the other side of the globe). Ingo's and Stig's presentation slides are also available.

Slides: Ingo Schommer - Pagetypeitis: Antipatterns and solutions for SilverStripe page types

Slides: Stig Lindqvist - Dependancy Injection

Check out the videos...

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  • Interesting stuff, well worth watching. Thanks for going to the trouble of creating these videos for those of us who can't make it to the talks

    Posted by Jono, 5 months ago

  • Great talks, thanks guys! Wished I could have made it.

    Another solution to Pagetypeitis is the use of 'Service' classes (as I've heard Ingo call them). I've grown up (as a developer) on SilverStripe, and I've always tended to put all my logic in Controller actions. Now days I'm trying more and more to put logic into separate classes like Ingo mentioned: ViewableData, helpers, and service classes. I also know there's many more patterns that can be utilised.

    Composer is making this shift to greater modularity and reusability much easier.

    Posted by Jeremy Shipman, 5 months ago @jtch

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