Picturing what 3.0 will look like

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 8 March 2011

By now, you've had the chance to read a lot about our plans for 3.0. It must be time for you to see some pictures then - as well as reading some more.

git hub designs

One of the new design images from GitHub

If you're just after the images, you can observe the design process as it unfolds on GitHub. But if you'd like to know more about the thought process behind them, you're in luck. Head over to SSbits.com, where Aram Balakjian has interviewed our Creative Director, Felipe Skroski about designing SilverStripe 3, UI development, and the future of content management.

It's great that Felipe got to answer questions from a perspective outside of our company. Collaboration and community is a very important part of SilverStripe 3.0 - we want to get as many people as possible involved, in order to have a good critical mass when testing our designs.

As always, you can stay informed and contribute your feedback on the design for SilverStripe 3.0 on our dev list or on the roadmap. Now is the time to have your say - it won’t be very useful in six months’ time when the user interface has been firmly established.

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  • These designs look incredible! Blew me away. Super excited for SS3.

    Posted by Jono, 3 years ago

  • Thanks for your feedback guys. Inline editing won't be a part of the core, but there may be modules to support it. For more indepth information on this, I suggest you check out our development mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/silverstripe-dev/

    Posted by Joanna, 3 years ago @silverstripe

  • Looking pretty good. I think the most glaring thing I don't see so far is inline content editing. That's really a must if SS is to continue to compete. Concrete5, PageLime and others are really making serious inroads due to this functionality and with the robust nature of SS, there's no reason we should not have this sooner than later.

    Posted by ylluminate, 3 years ago @ylluminate

  • You know, if you can nail the UI, so it looks a good of those screenshots. You'll see huge uptake. The interface looks ace but it's the functionality that'll woo new users... Good luck!

    Posted by Duncan, 3 years ago

  • huao, it's looking great!

    Posted by antonio pascotto, 3 years ago @quamm

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