Our next major version of SilverStripe will be 3.1:

Our next minor version of SilverStripe will be on the v3.0 release line

How do I interpret the Release Tickets?

Our software is developed and released in a public, open source, and collaborative manner. Many features and fixes are done by SilverStripe Ltd, other work is contributed by our community, and everyone is involved in ideas and discussions. This means the timing and features of a release are subject to frequent change. What we can do is ensure all components are publicly visible, described when done, and labelled if they're likely to be worked on. Each release comprises hundreds of tickets. Milestone tickets on have a status (open or closed), and can be flagged.

  • Closed: Included in the release.
  • Open and Unassigned: Might be included
  • Open and Assigned: Probably included, particularly if flagged "critical" or "blocker"
  • If you want a feature or bug completed, the best thing to do is send us a pull request. Alternatively, add a comment to the ticket, and if necessary, escalate the discussion to the SilverStripe Development Google Group

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