SilverStripe 2.3.3 released

Posted by Sigurd Magnusson on 6 August 2009

SilverStripe v2.3.3 has just been released! This is now the best version of our software to use. This version solves a number of bugs both at the code level for those working with Sapphire, and solves a few CMS interface bugs.

A big round of thanks go to community members who identified bugs and contributed fixes to them!

One fix of particular interest is that we've eliminated some bugs which prevented SilverStripe from running easily on the latest version of PHP, version 5.3.0. The only remaining compatibility issue is that SilverStripe still makes use of the ereg extension, which will be removed from PHP in the future. This version of SilverStripe supresses a notice that PHP makes about this, and a future version of SilverStripe will replace the use of ereg.

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  • Awesome, i'm excited to go home and try it out. I've been waiting for this update

    Posted by Brennan, 5 years ago

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