SilverStripe 3.0 alpha 2 is here

Posted by Kerstin Schuman on 11 January 2012

The last step before beta; SilverStripe CMS 3.0 alpha 2 is ready to download and test.
We have come a long way and we are half way there!

Here is what’s new in alpha 2:


  • CMS JavaScript performance and perceived rendering improvements
  • New dedicated "Add page" interface with page type descriptions
  • Improved "Insert Link" dialog with cleaner styles
  • Selected tabs and collapsed panels are now stored in a Cookie for a more consistent interface when returning later to the CMS


  • Support for multi-byte page URLs (e.g. with German Umlauts). Flexible URL filtering through new URLSegmentFilter API
  • Customisable HTML attributes on Form and FormField (which allows better usage of HTML5 and data attributes)



Download the CMS and Framework here.

And as a side note, 3.0 alpha 1 will be no longer available to download.

If you test it, please report any bugs you find to

Thanks a lot to everyone who made this happen. To everyone who joined the Hackfest or submitted pull requests over the last few weeks.

If you want to be part of 3.0 beta, join the next Hackfest. Otherwise tell us what you think and feel free to help out where you can.

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  • Sadly very disappointing backend :( ... please do some user testing now!

    be easy to do basic backend usability testing rather than bitch about it here. has any been done?

    Posted by mike, 3 years ago

  • It's very slow. Always loading something... and that's local!

    Drag and Drop page onto itself results in going to the page. Bit of an issue for those times you grab the wrong page.

    It's actually rather horrible, I prefer Concrete5, sadly. I like working with SilverStripe code more but clients love the look and feel of Concrete5 more.

    Please ditch this and try something else!

    Posted by Jason, 3 years ago

  • @Hendrik, Unfortunately we haven't spent very much time on the modules yet. Once we come to the stage that Beta is up and running it will be important to upgrade the modules as well. But we will mention that again with the Beta release in a few weeks time.

    @Nathan, We renamed 'Sapphire' to 'SilverStripe Framework' a while ago.
    But it can very well be that there still some folders around where the name hasn't been changed yet. If you share them with me I will change the names. Cheers

    Posted by Kerstin, 3 years ago @silverstripe

  • Why is there a "sapphire" folder if the name has changed to "SilverStripe Framework"? Might as well just name it "framework".

    Posted by Nathan J. Brauer, 3 years ago @NathanBrauer

  • I didn't like it. The backend is not intuitive and CMS is going away to become user friendly.

    Trying to Add/Edit a Page, now is a real pain. You need to think that backend must be simple, you need to force the user to never miss. Too many steps, too many options... SilverStripe is going to the Drupal way.

    Imagine i got 50 different page types and 1000 published pages... how is that gonna work? Administrators will go crazy.

    But that's just a layout point of view.

    I really loves the fully migration to jQuery/jQuery UI idea, and sure... with new possibilities and new technologies inside, we're very excited to the 3.0 coming ;)

    Posted by Miroke, 3 years ago

  • Hi Kerstin,

    is there a list of modules that can already be used with silverstripe 3 alpha?

    I can confirm Thomas' bug: In Backend-Pageview, the content field is not displayed, so content can not be edited.


    Posted by Hendrik Schaper, 3 years ago

  • @Thomas,
    Thank you for your feedback. That is quite helpful. Can you do me a favour and post this on the dev-list?
    Just to make sure that your feedback doesn't get lost.

    Posted by Kerstin, 3 years ago @silverstripe

  • Hi, nice to see that SS3 progresses.

    I have just installed and played a bit around with the backend interface.
    Must admit that i'm not super happy, maybe it's just stuff that is still missing, but i really think the user interface is not very intuitive :-(

    Is right click functions going to be added later? Like right clicking a page, gives you the option of creating a subpage, delete page and stuff like that. Same for folders.

    Also stuff like being able to upload an image when working with content - not having to browse to files, upload and then go back to editing.

    Option to quickly switch between pages you are editing - dropdown (Mentioned before)

    I really hope these things are coming, and that SS3 will provide usefull upgrades to usability and not only look nice (looking nice is mainly something for frontend, backend is all about ease of use in my world)

    Just abit of constructive criticism, atleast that is how it was intended :-)

    (BTW the content field is not displaying on my install, but maybe something went wrong in fileupload)

    Posted by Thomas B. Nielsen, 3 years ago @nobrainerweb

  • Great. You are wonderful.
    When can we expect the stable version?
    I can not wait. :)



    Posted by Jose A.Molina, 3 years ago

  • thank you so much, keep the good work..Bravo!

    Posted by sajok, 3 years ago

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