SilverStripe Framework and CMS 3.0.2 is out

Posted by Sam Minnée on 17 September 2012

SilverStripe is pleased to announce the immediate release of SilverStripe Framework and CMS 3.0.2 stable.

Continuing from 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 releases, this is another release with a number of bugfixes and minor functional enhancements that improve the usability and stability of both the user interface and the developer APIs. As with all 3.0.x releases, it is drop in compatible with 3.0, making upgrading simple.

This release comes about 6 weeks after 3.0.1, we are continuing a regular release cycle. In the coming months, the core team is going to be more focused on 3.1 features, including reviewing Google Summer of Code contributions and bringing them into the core product where appropriate. Because of this, we're not promising a 3.0.3 release in October, but if bugs are identified and fixes prepared, a 3.0.3 release in the not-too-distant future is likely.

We recommend all developers who are developing sites on 3.0.0 or 3.0.1 upgrade to 3.0.2 at their earliest opportunity. For those of you who are still using 2.4, waiting until 3.0 had matured, 3.0.2 might be the right time to upgrade. For example, Aram Balakjian has noted in a recent blog post on SSBits that 3.0.2 fixes many issues that he had experienced with the earlier releases.

Download 3.0.2 and view what's new in the changelog, see the bugs that have been fixed (and raise new ones).

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