SilverStripe Installation Trends

Posted by Sigurd on 10 March 2009

The growth of new SilverStripe installations each month grew substantially over 2008. The graph below shows the rise in people who ticked 'yes' to anonymously notifying us when installing SilverStripe. With the German book, recent publicity on Ajaxian, and a number of exciting new releases coming out this year, we expect to see the same trends in the coming 12 months.

Graph showing rise in SilverStripe installs

It is also interesting to share statistics around the choice of web server used to install SilverStripe. We've seen the following split remain fairly constant over the past two years:

Graph showing which webservers are used to install SilverStripe on

The fact that nearly 40% of installations go on Windows was one reason we added IIS 7.0 support in SilverStripe 2.3.0. It also means we'll continue to make Windows installs easier in the future.

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  • I think that the windows numbers are greatly skewed by developers workin locally on windows, but deploying to linux.
    I would love to see the project focus on the core needs of Unix/linux based deployment.

    Posted by Ryan, 4 years ago

  • Congratulations!

    Posted by ECommerce, 5 years ago

  • I think a lot of the apache windows could be wamp from testing?

    As i must have installed a couple of dozen times to try out new modules and tinker around (specialy as it so easy to install! :-))

    Posted by phil, 5 years ago

  • Cool, very impressive graphs !

    They make me very curious about the actual numbers though ... ;)

    Posted by Lars, 5 years ago

  • Roadmap:

    Posted by Craig, 5 years ago

  • That's a nice looking curve! Regarding the future: is there a roadmap for upcoming improvements on SS?

    Maarten van Appel

    Posted by Maarten, 5 years ago

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