SilverStripe meetups happening all over the place!

Posted by Joanna Mcleod on 2 March 2011

People like to talk about SilverStripe face to face. Our amazing community has taken it upon itself to arrange meetups in several countries, complementing the meetups we run in Wellington.

All events are free to attend, let you meet others using and developing with SilverStripe CMS, and cover a range of topics, including discussing the features in our next major upcoming software release, SilverStripe CMS v3.0. We hope you can make it to one!

For more details on these meetups, check out their individual pages. We look forward to hearing back about how they go!

If there’s no meetup in your area, perhaps you'd like to organise one? Do get in contact - leave us a comment or email - we're happy to help in whatever capacity we can, such as mentioning your event on our website and newsletter, and supplying you with speaking topics.

Upcoming meetups


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  • We in San Francisco, CA recently started a group. First meeting yet to be arranged.

    Posted by Matt Bower, 4 years ago @webbower

  • I would like to attend this meet but you are not organizing your meet in India.If in future you will organize any meet in India then definitely i will attend.

    Posted by Web design company, 4 years ago

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