SilverStripe mobile development has just become easier

Posted by Sean Harvey on 25 August 2010

Today we've launched a free extension to SilverStripe CMS that makes it easier to build websites for mobile devices.

Most websites now have a noticeable amount of visitors using mobile devices. We've been looking at how to make it easier to build websites that can be accessed through popular mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Google Android phones.

The result is the SilverStripe Mobile Module. Once installed, it provides out of the box functionality to render an SilverStripe CMS website using a mobile-optimised theme, with the page width, font size, and menu layout designed for a small screen.

While you can certainly use this out of the box theme, it's mainly supplied so that someone familiar with HTML and CSS can customise the theme to suit your intended look and feel.

SilverStripe Mobile ModuleThe module also provides:

  • Automatic detection of mobile devices so that you can automatically redirect people to a mobile-optimised website.
  • A simple GUI for configuring the module

You can test-drive the module by visiting in your mobile phone.

SilverStripe's templating language has meant developing mobile templates has always been possible. However, there is considerable effort in achieving cross-browser compatibility across mobile devices. The goal for this module is to reduce the time it takes people to build websites optimised for browsing by mobile devices. It's not intended to grow into a module that allows people on mobile phones to perform content authoring (although we do see that this could be useful for certain CMS tasks, like approving a request from a colleague to publish website content.)

At this stage, the mobile module is in beta. This means we're inviting people to download, test, and offer feedback on the module. Once we've incorporated your feedback, we hope to release the module confidently knowing that it provides website developers with a stable and useful tool for quickly creating mobile-optimised websites.

If you're interested in creating HTML/CSS templates suitable for mobile phones, there's an article on A List Apart, Put your Content in my Pocket, that serves as an excellent introduction. It's still entirely relevant despite being written a few years ago.

Download the SilverStripe Mobile module

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  • Hi Lee, this topic is already up here:

    That would be the best place to discuss the module on iPad.



    Posted by Kirsten, 4 years ago

  • This is brilliant - but when you view on an iPad you get the mobile version. Can you get it so that you can set it to the normal template or a seperate iPad template? instead of a template for the super small iphone screen?

    Posted by Lee, 4 years ago

  • Thanks for your feedback, guys!

    Posted by Sigurd, 4 years ago

  • Nice to see you're working on this.
    My HTC Desire running FroYo with default browser had problems with scrolling the page making it impossible to use as I can't reach the content on the pages.
    I'm sure it will turn out great.

    Posted by Victor, 4 years ago

  • Nice Idea to offer.
    Please include Palm Pre in the Mobile List, because i do not get redirected to your mobile version on mine...

    Thanks for the effort

    Posted by Manfred, 4 years ago

  • --:)))

    Posted by Biagio, 4 years ago

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