SilverStripe v2.3.0 release candidate 3 is now available

Posted by Sigurd on 2 February 2009

Over the past two months we've made an impressive number of improvements to the upcoming version of our software, SilverStripe v2.3.0.

Release Candidate 3 is now available. Please help test it and submit bugs. Based on the importance of bugs raised in coming weeks we will either relabel this as a stable version or produce a release candidate 4.

A big thanks to anyone who downloaded our earlier release candidates and performed testing and filed bugs!

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  • Phillip Hullquist, please raise bugs at so that it goes on somebody's work queue :) You can also then get an email when it is resolved.

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 5 years ago

  • I found that the Requirements::javascript() function is not working well in the init method. Did anybody else find this same problem?

    Posted by Nivanka, 6 years ago

  • Yes i have it

    Posted by Bhavik, 6 years ago

  • I also get this warning when trying to use it with my own templates:

    [Warning] None of these templates can be found:,

    Posted by Phillip Hullquist, 6 years ago

  • The output of the SilverStripeNavigator variable in the tutorial template doesn't render correctly in FireFox. It's an XML markup error and I think it may be due to the single quotes in the title entry.

    Posted by Phillip Hullquist, 6 years ago

  • what version the one in the demo? is it 2.3 rc what? or its a stable one.

    Posted by insic, 6 years ago

  • Thanks again for the hard work guys !

    Posted by Lars, 6 years ago

  • Does this release have the url structure fix?

    ie does the url look like /blog/some-post/ rather than just /same-post/?

    It is kinda important for us because our website uses all sorts junk and we need to be able to direct requests through to the correct target. Having things hanging off the root would mean that we'd have to modify the apache config every time we added a page, which would get tiresome after a while

    Posted by Jack Hughes, 6 years ago

  • There is a few examples from The Czech Republic at SilverStripe CMS -

    For your pleasure...

    Posted by Jiri Blahut, 6 years ago

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