SilverStripe v2.4 progresses to release candidate 1

Posted by Sigurd Magnusson on 1 April 2010

Today we've moved significantly closer to a final and stable version of SilverStripe v2.4. You can now download SilverStripe v2.4 Release Candidate 1, which fixes bugs and incorporates feedback from the community since our Beta releases.

We'd appreciate you testing this release, and seeing whether your existing sites upgrade smoothly to this version.Version 2.4 does represent a major version update, providing a number of new features needed to run larger and more complex websites. Whether you're needing to run on SilverStripe on another database, make use of nested URLs, or keen to take advantage of improved performance or wider unit-test coverage, there's something in this release that will help everyone who uses SilverStripe.

Now that we've reached Release Candidate 1, the features in SilverStripe 2.4 are finalised. We have described the major features in earlier posts, but you can look forward to hearing about them in much more depth as we head towards the final release.

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  • Upgrade from 2.3.2 to 2.4.0-rc1 smooth for standard page types but not able to install custom page types. Admin UI allows selection of type but does not store type. Looking at the DB, the build process does not appear to be adding the new content type tables.

    Posted by jhuckle, 4 years ago

  • I was waiting for this release so badly. Really looking forward for a stable release here. Great work guys! (as always)

    Posted by Enrique, 4 years ago

  • This is sad. You guys are really letting Concrete5 1UP you here. Come on guys! You are missing the boat and your updates are as slow as molasses. Your documentation is garbage. You have no themes. The community is dying. You guys were the hear throb upcoming cms a couple years ago and you've just let it go. Really sad.

    Posted by Joel, 4 years ago

  • I have to say that I agree. These spam issues are embarrassing. At least use Disqus or IntenseDebate if you don't want to really work on the commenting system. Pfft.

    Posted by Agreed, 4 years ago

  • Woohoooo nested URLS!

    Posted by Josh, 4 years ago

  • I have to agree. Most users (regular and webmasters) are scared of spam when setting up a website. So when investigating a new cms system, only to find that the site is filled with spam, must be a major turn off!

    There must be something that could be done to add additional layer of blocking?

    But as "side note" ;) Been following SS for a while now and really like what you guys have done! Keep It Up!

    Posted by Ranie, 4 years ago

  • > In the last year, Mollom has blocked 285,385 spam
    > attempts, which relates to our blog and our forum.
    > No system is perfect, so apologies that a couple
    > of spam showed up here.

    My heart beats about 100,000 times per day, but should it fail for longer than a few seconds and skip a few of those beats, I'd collapse and have a trip to hospital.

    Sometimes one or two misses are far more significant than a huge pile of hits. If the amount of spam in the comments exceeds the number of bona-fide comments, well... why have comments? It doesn't matter if you block 10,000 spam per day, or 100,000 or 2^256. It is the ratio of spam to actual content that the user sees that counts.

    Maybe Mollom should be augmented to include an "admin notify" feature, so that these deposits of internet turd-lets can be scrubbed before days go by.

    Posted by Why?, 4 years ago

  • I'm looking at a bunch of spam here that was posted over 17 hours ago. That looks *really* bad.

    There needs to be a way that we can report this stuff, so it can be highlighted and removed immediately. The community is here to help!

    Posted by Jason Judge, 4 years ago

  • Just to add to Tim's comment. We use Mollom on this website which does provide a CAPTCHA if it senses that your comment is spam - see to learn about this.

    In the last year, Mollom has blocked 285,385 spam attempts, which relates to our blog and our forum. No system is perfect, so apologies that a couple of spam showed up here.

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 4 years ago

  • Sorry about the Spam guys - its been a bad week for Spam attacks. Our automated spam filters catch a huge amount of spam, but they don't catch everything...

    Posted by Tim Copeland, 4 years ago

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