SilverStripe v2.4 progresses to release candidate 1

Posted by Sigurd Magnusson on 1 April 2010

Today we've moved significantly closer to a final and stable version of SilverStripe v2.4. You can now download SilverStripe v2.4 Release Candidate 1, which fixes bugs and incorporates feedback from the community since our Beta releases.

We'd appreciate you testing this release, and seeing whether your existing sites upgrade smoothly to this version.Version 2.4 does represent a major version update, providing a number of new features needed to run larger and more complex websites. Whether you're needing to run on SilverStripe on another database, make use of nested URLs, or keen to take advantage of improved performance or wider unit-test coverage, there's something in this release that will help everyone who uses SilverStripe.

Now that we've reached Release Candidate 1, the features in SilverStripe 2.4 are finalised. We have described the major features in earlier posts, but you can look forward to hearing about them in much more depth as we head towards the final release.

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  • Awesome, looking forward to moving onto 2.4 :)

    Posted by Simon - SaleHoo, 4 years ago

  • Nice!
    This was much sooner that I expected!

    Posted by Thomas , 4 years ago

  • I agree with 'Why?' - it looks bad when a website has spam, it looks *really* when that site is promoting a cms.

    Posted by agree, 4 years ago

  • Why? Why do you allow spam to pile up in your comments section?

    It gives the impression that your software does not have the capability to do CAPTCHA , and that you could care less what impression your own website conveys.

    Why should I care about SilverStripe if you obviously don't ?

    Posted by Why?, 4 years ago

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