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Posted by Joanna McLeod on 19 April 2011

In March 2011, we tested the content-authoring interface within SilverStripe CMS against various major browsers, in order to provide recommendations to our users, and to identify opportunities for improvement.

The testing covered how both performance and functionality within the CMS worked.

To sum up our testing, IE7, IE8, IE9, and FireFox 4 all work well from a functionality perspective. IE7 was slower so we recommend users of IE7 upgrade to IE9 or Firefox 4.

Since we had a limited amout of resource available for this project, IE6, Safari, and Chrome were not tested, as they are only used by a small percentage of SilverStripe users. We would be very happy to include test results from the community in the future.

For a more indepth view into our findings, please download the SilverStripe CMS browser testing overview (PDF, 115kb), which contains much more information on our methodology and conclusions.


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  • I think it is awful that chrome wasn't tested and fully supported. I am consistently having my developers check the various cloud servers and test the content-authoring interface within SilverStripe CMS against various major browsers. I'm hoping that this won't continue to be a problem in the future.

    Posted by enterprise cloud computing, 3 years ago

  • definitely agree with pa-ket that google chrome is the best adacto and fast, hopefully they can check compatibility.

    Posted by Anthony., 3 years ago

  • In chrome the CMS editor is fine, but its html mode - whn the html source is opened in a new window - is unusable. The lines are not broken up properly, and sometimes when saving bits get replaced / removed. Some javascript might cause it - it would be good to have a look at it. The trend that I see is also that Chrome is getting more and more widely used. Also its support for emerging standards is very good (a reason why devs like chrome imho). Thx.

    Posted by pa-ket, 3 years ago

  • Its a real shame that chrome wasn't tested and fully supported. we're noticing a trend that its becoming more widely used. we've been pushing this browser across our www.bookinglive.co.uk platform built on SS.

    there are known issues with the cms gui for example when inserting tables and trying to select images.

    our developers will check if these problems persist in the next release of ss otherwise we'll have to switch back to ff.

    Posted by Vinnie Morgan, 3 years ago @mangostudio

  • Thanks for this browser testing. While reading the pdf I reconised that in some tables (for example in the tests 3 and 4) the colors are wrong, the second best time is with a green background. This is a little bit confusing ;-)

    Posted by Roland Bär, 3 years ago @baerroland

  • Have you tried running the CMS in the Opera browser? I use Opera here on a Windows environment and it is outlandishly quick! Also the same version of Opera (which has the fullest support for the web standards) is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, providing the same user experience regardless of the platform used.

    Posted by Michael Best, 3 years ago

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