Videos from Auckland, NZ Meetup June 2014

Posted by Cam Findlay on 2 July 2014

UPDATE: have added Lee's video on push notifications and single page mobile apps with SilverStripe.

A big thanks to all the community members that made it along to the Auckland Meetup, we have the first two videos from the talks available below. There is still one more to come from Lee Blazek and note we won't be posting Jame Pluck's (@papabearnz on twitter) talk up as he will be delivering a more featured version of this talk at the WDCNZ conference at the end of July (which we are also sponsoring this year).

For now enjoy Aaron's talk about the upcoming upgrade and Kirk Mayo's discussion about Composer PHP dependancy management (the tool we are using more and more to install and manage SilverStripe code).


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  • Hi Jose, I do understand what you mean, though the philosophy of working with SilverStripe as a Framework is that modules add some level functionality beyond what is in core and then you are free to customise both modules and core to fit your clients exact specifications.

    Agree, some plugin based systems may work great out of the box, however they do impose their functionality and business process on you.

    If you are ok with accepting the functionality that comes bundled in plugins on other systems then perhaps that system is a good fit for you and your project, nothing wrong with that. However, when you want full flexibility, customer client specifications and want control over the business processes the functionality of the module defines then SilverStripe development is great for that.

    (Disclosure: I'm the SilverStripe Community Awesomeness Manager... my thoughts are my own... perhaps a little bias but then what isn't?)

    Posted by Cam FIndlay, 2 months ago @cameronfindlay

  • No matter how good a CMS is, if the modules are mediocre not achieve any goal.
    SilverStripe modules, blog, forum, ecommerce, search system, customized content with shortcodes .... are mediocre. :(

    Best regards,

    Posted by Jose A, 3 months ago

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