Wellington's August Meetup

Posted by Brooke Penny on 30 August 2011

Thanks to everyone who came along to our August Wellington Meetup. We hope you enjoyed the chatter and presentations over drinks and nibbles. The evening kicked off with a brief introduction from our CEO Sam Minnee, followed by informative presentations by SilverStripe CTO Hamish Friedlander and community member Simon Welsh. For those of you who were unable to make it, or those that would like a refresher, we have included a video and slides below. See you all in October!

Hamish Friedlander

Our CTO spoke about how to integrate search in order to help users find what they want more efficiently. His presentation also included some of the libraries available to do this with SilverStripe.

Simon Welsh

An introduction to the new features of PHP 5.4 in SilverStripe

If there’s something you’d like to hear or speak about at our next meetup in October, get in touch through the comments, via Twitter and Facebook, or email kerstin@silverstripe.com. We’d love to hear what you've been up to with SilverStripe. If you haven't already, join our meetup.com group for regular updates. We'll be announcing the date of the October meetup soon.

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  • So when is the final date for the October meetup?

    Posted by Caren, 3 years ago

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  • I found the search topic very interesting and am still trying to process some of the technical information around MySQL (not MySeQueL) and solr vs Sphinx. I am looking to replace a search engine for a client (so true that most out of the box CMS searches are crap) with something that returns much more relevant and contextual results. (Disclaimer: Not a SilverStripe site.) I will keep an eye on how SilverStripe moves in regards to search though as I have found it to be much more useful than the 5% of people who use it.

    Posted by Julian Apatu, 3 years ago

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