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Posted by Ingo Schommer on 19 May 2011

It's wintertime (at least here in the Southern Hemisphere), so the ideal time for reading a good book by the fire – or at the beach for the lucky ones north of the equator. And of course it's hard to find a more thrilling topic than SilverStripe!

Packt Publishing has just released a new book for everybody interested in the topic: SilverStripe 2.4 – Module Extensions, Themes, and Widgets, written by Philipp Krenn. Philipp has been involved with SilverStripe for a while, starting with building our first database abstraction layer during Google Summer of Code 2007.

 The book covers everything you need to create a website (or web application) in SilverStripe 2.4, with clear step-by-step instructions. The author guides through the development of a typical restaurant website, and shows ways to customise your installation with templates, widgets and modules. Every chapter has a "pop quiz" section where readers can test what they've learned so far (no worries, the answers are in the back).

Philipp asked some prolific SilverStripe community members to step in as book reviewers, namely Aaron Carlino ("UncleCheese"), Sigurd Magnusson and myself. We did our best to support Philipp in his heroic efforts (writing a book is hard work!), and are very pleased with the results. By the way, the publisher is still looking for reviewers.

If you are wondering whether you should buy this book, or rather the "old" SilverStripe book published by Wiley in 2009, our answer is perhaps not surprising: You can get value out of both! The Wiley edition is now slightly outdated, as it targets SilverStripe 2.3 – the vast majority of instructions are still valid, though. Both books overlap in their topics, but also have exclusive content. As an example, the Packt book tells you about partial caching and popular modules like DataObjectManager, while the Wiley book goes more into detail on unit testing and setting up RestfulServer.

Overall, it's a testament to an active community and healthy ecosystem to have multiple books about our software out there. In addition to the recently relaunched doc.silverstripe.org, and exciting community efforts like ssbits.com, we're happy to see more documentation choices for new SilverStripe developers.

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  • Is the book available in Amazon.fr (France)? I can't seem to find it.

    Posted by Femme nue, 3 years ago

  • I made it myself. You can see the step by step tutorial how to make those here!

    Posted by rackmount monitor, 3 years ago

  • This specific e-book feels like a terrific guidebook pertaining to mastering web development along with request growth. Should it deal with portable request growth quite extensively? I am just ecstatic to evaluate this specific world wide web growth e-book out and about! Cheers!

    Posted by Levira, 3 years ago @levira

  • This book sounds like a great guide for learning website development and application development. Does it cover mobile application development very thoroughly? I'm excited to check this web development book out! Thanks!

    Posted by iphone developer, 3 years ago

  • Great news guys! And thanks for the hard work Philipp.

    Buying tip : Just bought the book @ bookdepository for 31 euros including shipping.

    Posted by Lars, 3 years ago @larsprakken

  • Thanks Phillipp and mierla.

    I'll be placing my order tonight :)

    Posted by Ryan M, 3 years ago

  • Hi Ryan,

    The book describes how to create your own modules. The module chapter is only available in the book, but you can take a look at the creation of widgets (something like the little brother of modules): http://www.packtpub.com/article/silverstripe-2-4-adding-spice-with-widgets-short-codes

    Posted by Philipp Krenn, 3 years ago @xeraa

  • Ryan - It does cover at least the basics of creating your own modules and widgets. I got the book a couple weeks ago, and while I haven't quite finished it yet, I've learned a few very key things that have already been worth the price of admission.

    Posted by mierla, 3 years ago @mierla

  • Does the book cover creating your own module(s) or does it only cover dropping in modules already made by other SilverStripe users?

    Posted by Ryan M, 3 years ago

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