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Posted by Sigurd Magnusson on 7 October 2009

SilverStripe English Book - Cover has the SilverStripe book in stock!

As of a few hours ago, SilverStripe: The Complete Guide to CMS Development is ready for shipping from, and priced at USD31.49. To purchase the book, visit Amazon (and feel free to share this link with your colleagues and friends):

There is a permanent page with information about the book at appears to be the first place our book has become available. If you want the book soon, we suggest buying from there. We expect to hear news that bookstores and other online stores have the book in stock as October progresses.

SilverStripe English Book - Cover Open

A big shout out goes to those who have already supported us by pre-ordering the book off Amazon—you should have a copy of the book within a few days!

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  • Glad to see you lads have a book out now, should definitely help with adoption. Congrats.


    Posted by Mike Johnston, 5 years ago

  • Heh, it seems Amazon have bumped up the price to USD35.00 while at the same time showing the book creeping up the 'best seller' rank. I wonder if there's an algorithm raising price based on orders? :)

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 5 years ago

  • Ralph, you should find that it caters for you. Some of the chapters deal with installation and basic templating, so it should be a case of you finding most of the chapters relevant, with a few perhaps chapters dealing with topics possibly more technical than you need to go into. The book doesn't explain PHP, HTML, and CSS, as there's a million other books on those topics. I suggest getting our book and then getting complimentary books if you find you need to :)

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 5 years ago

  • Have just started to learn SilverStripe, and am glad to see that a book is out. From the write-ups it seems that the book mainly caters for content authors and experienced developers. I'm wondering if the book covers much "middle ground", detailing how designers mainly versed in HTML and CSS can go about setting up a site?

    Posted by Ralph Mason, 5 years ago

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