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  • jlosh
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    Installation Error (AuthOpenID) Link to this post

    When I try installing SilverStripe I get an error:

    Fatal error: Class 'Authenticator' not found in /home/.smidget/devsrc/dev.devsrc.org/auth_openid/_config.php on line 20

    My '_config.php' under the auth_openid is:


    * Define the random number generator for the OpenID library
    * To set a source of randomness, define {@link Auth_OpenID_RAND_SOURCE}
    * to the path to the randomness source. If your platform does not provide a
    * secure randomness source, the library can operate in pseudorandom mode,
    * but it is then vulnerable to theoretical attacks.
    * If you wish to operate in pseudorandom mode, define
    * {@link Auth_OpenID_RAND_SOURCE} to null.
    * On a Unix-like platform (including MacOS X), try "/dev/random" and
    * "/dev/urandom".
    define('Auth_OpenID_RAND_SOURCE', null);

    * Register the {@link OpenIDAuthenticator OpenID authenticator}


    Any Ideas?

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