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  • blaater
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    tinyMCE in security-tab Link to this post


    Can anybody help me? I'm trying to get a textarea with tinyMCE in the security tab. To do this i've made a adjustment in the SecurityAdmin class. I've added a HtmlEditorField to the fieldset in the getEditForm function. The textarea is visible and the content is saved to the database, but there's no tinyMCE visible. Has anybody done this before? Is there a tutorial for this?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Re: tinyMCE in security-tab Link to this post

    Hi blaater,

    As the security area is not designed to use TinyMCE, you'll need to hack some of this files in the cms/ directory to achieve this. If you examine cms/templates/Includes/, SecurityAdmin_right.ss and CMSMain_right.ss, youll notice the tag

    <% include Editor_toolbar %>

    in CMSMain_right.ss

    If you put this right at the top of SecurityAdmin_right.ss, hopefully it'll work. I haven't tested this, but from what I can tell that should include all the needed javascript etc as well.

  • blaater
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    22 Posts

    Re: tinyMCE in security-tab Link to this post

    Thanks for the help. Once I added the editor toolbar in the template, tinymce was visible , but it still didn't work. Then I also copied the following code from the init of CMSMain.php to the in it of SecurityAdmin.php and everything works fine.

    // We don't want this showing up in every ajax-response, it should always be present in a CMS-environment
          if(!Director::is_ajax()) {
             Requirements::javascriptTemplate("cms/javascript/tinymce.template.js", array(
                "ContentCSS" => (SSViewer::current_theme() ? "themes/" . SSViewer::current_theme() : project()) . "/css/editor.css",
                "BaseURL" => Director::absoluteBaseURL(),
                "Lang" => i18n::get_tinymce_lang()

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