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  • baontq
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    Many-to-Many with Extra Field Link to this post

    Hi all,

    I am learning silverstripe by implement a simple school management system. I need help on this relationship issue:

    A Class has many assigned Teachers, each teacher takes care a subject. So the relationship table should has a classID, teacherID and an extra field is subjectID. How can I implement the many-to-may relationship which has extra field like this one?

    Thanks for help!

  • Hamish
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    Re: Many-to-Many with Extra Field Link to this post

    Really what you have is a three way many-many relationship (*snicker*) between Teachers, Classes and Subjects. The best way to bring them all together is to create a new class that has one of each. Eg:

    class SchoolClassSubject {

    static $has_one {
    'MyClass' => 'SchoolClass',
    'MyTeacher' => 'SchoolTeacher',
    'MySubject' => 'SchoolSubject'

    And, of course, SchoolClass, SchoolTeacher and SchoolSubject all have a has_many relationship with SchoolClassSubject.

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