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  • Vitaemachina
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    500 Internal server error when not logged in Link to this post

    Hi, I just started messing around with SilverStripe last night, after a pretty exhaustive search amongst open source CMS's. So far I really like what I see, but this bug/error/misconfiguration on my part/etc. is driving me nuts and I'm hoping someone can help me out with it.

    I was walking through the tutorial, and finished the segment on creating the News pages. Afterwards I turned in for the night, and woke up this morning to go take a look at the site and start trying to figure out how to implement my ideas. However, anytime I look at a page, seemingly at random but frequently triggered after F5 or Ctrl-F5, I get a 500 Internal Server Error, and it doesn't even use the custom ErrorPage for a 500 ISE I set up in the CMS.

    Here's the URL for the website, www.whisperedenigma.com.

    Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm sifting through documentation host side (GoDaddy.com) and not seeing anything...

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: It does it on every page/subpage I have so far, but seems to do it most frequently on the home page.

    EDIT2: My site is now having issues reading .htaccess and running the site as PHP5 and not PHP4...so I'm going to blow away SS, and start over. Maybe that'll get it working.

  • sonictruth
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    Re: 500 Internal server error when not logged in Link to this post

    If you have the "INTERNAL SERVER ERROR" problem when you refresh and you're using firefox with SilverStripe at godaddy
    comment the line:
    //header("Last-Modified: " . self::gmt_date(self::$modification_date));
    in sapphire/core/HTTP.php

    When this line is enabled the next request from firefox will be with If-Modified-Since header.
    This seems to mess up godaddy... don't know why yet.

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