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Stan Allain

La Croix en Touraine, Indre-et-Loire, France

Freelance website designer, in France

My style: a close relationship with my clients and clean websites, which I make easy to manage thanks to the powerful SilverStripe CMS.

Community showcase listings

UAS 2014-07-10


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Matthieu Feuillette Maçonnerie 2014-06-20

Matthieu Feuillette Maçonnerie

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Etang Ronsard 2014-06-06

Etang Ronsard

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Ce Mecachrome 2014-06-06

Ce Mecachrome

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Ram Electronique 2014-06-06

Ram Electronique

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Vins de Vouvray Sylvain Gaudron 2014-04-01

Vins de Vouvray Sylvain Gaudron

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Les Rollboost 2014-02-10

Les Rollboost

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Soins du sol et des plantes 2014-02-06

Soins du sol et des plantes

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Armatière 2014-02-03


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Institut Reperes 2013-09-04

Institut Reperes

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Furic SAS 2013-08-15

Furic SAS

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Les Foulées Vouvrillonnes 2013-06-18

Les Foulées Vouvrillonnes

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Galalith jewels 2013-04-01

Galalith jewels

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Studio graphique AOUKI 2012-12-31

Studio graphique AOUKI

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Yoga and ayurveda Tours nord 2012-11-23

Yoga and ayurveda Tours nord

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Yona Design 2012-11-09

Yona Design

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BA Investissement 2012-08-14

BA Investissement

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TerrEducation 2012-03-19


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VisualProjet 2012-03-19


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CarpasenS 2012-02-10


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Touraine truffes et safran 2011-12-16

Touraine truffes et safran

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Béatrice Lissague 2011-11-01

Béatrice Lissague

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Création de sites internet 2011-05-20

Création de sites internet

View more, l'analyse financière facile 2011-02-17, l'analyse financière facile

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Celimar Patrimoine 2010-11-29

Celimar Patrimoine

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Epicerie fine La Balade Gourmande 2010-11-08

Epicerie fine La Balade Gourmande

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Stan Allain, webdesigner 2010-08-31

Stan Allain, webdesigner

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Le Morta, couteau régional de Brière 2010-05-27

Le Morta, couteau régional de Brière

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Les Terrasses de Rivarennes 2010-05-21

Les Terrasses de Rivarennes

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Moulin de Francueil 2010-04-01

Moulin de Francueil

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1001 Offres 2009-11-10

1001 Offres

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Contact Stan Allain

La Croix en Touraine

Indre-et-Loire, France

Rue de Chenonceaux
La Croix en Touraine, Indre-et-Loire 37150

+33(0)6 65 17 75 49