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DataObjectManager Module

Discuss the DataObjectManager module, and the related ImageGallery module.

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Samba Sam

12 February 2010 at 7:18pm Community Member, 85 Posts

On my home page I want to disply a large single testimonial image that randomly changes every time a visitor comes to the site.
Any suggestions on how to set that up. I can get as far as setting up testimonial data objects to create a gallery, I just don't know how to the display-a-singular-image randomly part.

Thanks in advance,


12 February 2010 at 9:07pm (Last edited: 12 February 2010 9:09pm), Community Member, 101 Posts


a quick way (some thing like this)

in your Controller

   function MainShow(){
      $ThumbURL = DataObject::get('YourDataObject', '','Rand()','','1');
      return $ThumbURL;


<% control MainShow %>
<img src="$URL" />

   <% end_control %>


13 February 2010 at 3:18am (Last edited: 13 February 2010 3:19am), 4085 Posts

It's a little cleaner if you just return a single image. That way you don't need a control.

$ThumbURL = DataObject::get_one('YourDataObject', '',true,'Rand()');


Samba Sam

14 February 2010 at 4:48pm Community Member, 85 Posts

Thanks for the quick response, guys! Sam


15 February 2010 at 11:47am Community Member, 243 Posts

Hmmm, depending on the scale of your site, sorting by RAND() is really bad. It's slow and really could cause problems if you have a lot of objects in the DB.

This is some code i use to get one random object:

function getRandomObject() {
if ($do = DataObject::get('YourDataObject')) {
return $do->getRange(rand(0,$do->Count() - 1),1);

This uses php to pick a random object rather than MySQL.


15 February 2010 at 12:35pm 4085 Posts

Looks like a lesser of two evils, here, guys. RAND() is hog on the DB side, no doubt, but getRange() isn't exactly the leanest function in the world, either. It creates a new set, and loops through the records it already has in memory, creating duplicates for the set matching your range.

If performance is really an issue, I think you might have to look outside of the Sapphire framework. For most sites, I think either of these solutions will be fine.

Samba Sam

16 February 2010 at 3:35am (Last edited: 16 February 2010 3:37am), Community Member, 85 Posts

Hi Folks,
So I can't get any of the previously suggested solutions to work.
Solution #1 (PatJnr) , I get no image, no code in template.

Solution #2 (Uncle Cheese) gives me the following error: Uncaught Exception: Object->__call(): the method 'fortemplate' does not exist on 'Testimonial'

Solution #3(Pigeon) I get a random number link (e.g., "#1") displaying with the following extra code inserted in the template:
<ul id="Menu1"><li onclick="location.href = this.getElementsByTagName('a')[0].href"><a href="">#1</a></li></ul>

Here is my code:

class Testimonial extends DataObject
static $db = array (
'Caption' => 'Varchar(50)'

static $has_one = array (
'TestimonialPage' => 'TestimonialPage',
'TestimonialImage' => 'Image'

public function getDOMThumbnail()
return $this->TestimonialImage()->CroppedImage(50,50);

function getCMSFields()
return new FieldSet(
new ImageField('TestimonialImage'),
new TextField('Caption','Caption')

class TestimonialPage extends Page {

   static $has_many = array (
    'Testimonials' => 'Testimonial'

   function getCMSFields() {
      $fields = parent::getCMSFields();
      $manager = new ImageDataObjectManager(
          'Testimonials',// Source name
          'Testimonial',// Source class
          'TestimonialImage',// File name on DataObject
          array('Caption' => 'Caption'),

      $manager->setBrowseButtonText("Upload (JPG only)");
   return $fields;
} /* end SiteTree */

class TestimonialPage_Controller extends Page_Controller {
/* example 2 */
   function RandomTestimonial (){
    $ImageURL = DataObject::get_one('Testimonial', '',true,'Rand()');
    return $ImageURL; }
/* example 3 */
   function getRandomObject() {
      if ($do = DataObject::get('Testimonial')) {
      return $do->getRange(rand(0,$do->Count() - 1),1);

} /* end Controller */

templates/layout/ (example 2)
<div id="Mainbody">$RandomTestimonial</div>

templates/layout/ (example 3)
<div id="Mainbody">$getRandomObject</div>

I wasn't sure if I was to give the object source name or class in the DataObject::get('Testimonial')) part. I tried doing both with no luck.

Anymore help would be greatly appreciated.


16 February 2010 at 4:13am Community Member, 901 Posts

What you get by your function is the DataObject, not the image.
Either change your function to:

function RandomTestimonial (){
   if($dob = DataObject::get_one('Testimonial', '',true,'Rand()'))
      return $dob->TestimonialImage();

   return null;

Or write something like this in your template:

<div id="Mainbody">$RandomTestimonial.TestimonialImage</div>

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