Congratulations to the Creators of the Top 5 Themes

Posted by Kerstin Schuman on 23 February 2012







Voting for the Theme Contest has officially closed. The top 5 themes and their creators are:

Congratulations! You’re already guaranteed one of the five prizes that come with the contest. Now it is in the hands of the judges to decide on the order of the top 5. All themes are very good, and I am relieved that I’m not the decision maker of the final winner.

Our judges will have their say on the themes this week and we will announce the final winner for the default theme of SilverStripe 3.0 early next week.

Thanks a lot to Tom Coates, Eduardo Cesario, Brice Dunwoodie, Joshua Turner and Felipe Skroski for checking out the themes. This will be a hard choice. I don’t envy your job.

Whatever the decision; I know that the default theme will be a good one, and that is a great accomplishment for the SilverStripe CMS and our community.

In saying that, I also have to say that everyone here at SilverStripe and Bluehousegroup is very impressed by the high quality of the the themes we received. There were so many very good themes in the run and it is shame that we have to choose just one.

Every contestant who sent in a fully coded theme will get a beautiful SilverStripe T-Shirt that the lovely Brooke is currently working on. If you haven’t sent your code in yet, but you want to be in for a T-Shirt, then please send the code by the end of next week.

All complete themes from the contest will be available in our theme gallery for SS 3.0.

The SilverStripe CMS and the community gained a lot with each and every entry. A selection of good themes makes a CMS so much more attractive to every user. You are all evangelists for the SilverStripe CMS and Framework. In the end, we are all winners!


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  • Thanks guys, we really enjoyed the challenge and look forward to hearing the result. Good luck to everyone :)

    Posted by Matt Bailey, 3 years ago @mattbailey

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