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  • steve_nyhof
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    dropdownfield simple dropdown questions Link to this post

    I have search the forum for help on this and there seems to be a lot of info, however, I just don't get it.

    On the main tab in the editor, I want a dropdown with 3 choices.

    Default Footer
    Custom Footer
    No footer

    In my template I will setup an IF to check which of the three where selected - Defaulted to Default Footer

    I need to expand a little. I am setting up two editors on a Page Footers tab. HtmlEditorField in a PageGlobal.php file that contains my global settings.

    The top editor is my default - new HtmlEditorField('MyFooter',...
    The bottom editor will be the custom - new HtmlEditorField('MyCustFooter',...

    The Default Footer option will use the content from the top editor, the Custom Footer will use the bottom editor. And No Footer will bypass the code in the template.

    I know how to add the code to the template.


    Question? What is the difference between ...

    public static



  • steve_nyhof
    Community Member
    224 Posts

    Re: dropdownfield simple dropdown questions Link to this post

    I decided to go another direction

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