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  • MarcusDalgren
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    Adding a file manager to the Image Gallery Link to this post


    I have been trying to add a file manager to the image gallery so that my client can link files to an album in the same way that images get linked to an album.

    I have gotten it to the point where my image resource is linked to the imagegallerypage and to an imagegalleryalbum, adding files to different albums works but I can't use the filter the way you do in the imagegallerymanager.

    I stole the lines

    $manager->setFilter('AlbumID','Choose an album', $this->Albums()->toDropdownMap('ID','AlbumName'));   
    if($this->Albums()->Count() > 0)
       $manager->filter = "AlbumID_".$this->Albums()->First()->ID;

    but the last line that sets the filter property makes the page load fail. The error I get is "Missing argument 2 for DataObjectManager::setFilter()".
    Everything works if I add $this->Albums()->First()->ID as the last argument to setFilter() so I have no idea why it fails when I add it the way you do in the ImageGalleryManager.

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