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  • dendeffe
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    Files and Security problems Link to this post

    I'm seeing some problems on the Files tab and the Security tab. This is on the live server. Locally it's working well.

    When I try to create a new files folder, it doesn't show up in the list. When I reload, two folders are added. Similar problems occcur when deleting a folder. Once created, uploads to the folder work properly.

    The same problem happens on the Security tab.

    I do sometimes get this error in the Firebug console:

    parentField.observeMethod is not a function
    anonymous()leftandm...260260329 (line 643)
    anonymous()base.js?...260260326 (line 162)
    behaveAs(div#Image.thumbnailstrip, function(), Object name=arg1, Object name=arg2, Object name=arg3, Object name=arg4, Object name=arg5, Object name=arg6)base.js?...260260326 (line 195)
    anonymous()base.js?...260260326 (line 184)
    anonymous(Object #Image=Object, Object name=parentNode, Object name=applyToParent)base.js?...260260326 (line 190)
    anonymous(Object name=parentNode, Object name=applyToParent)base.js?...260260326 (line 188)
    anonymous()base.js?...260260326 (line 188)
    [Break on this error] if(this.className.match(/parent=([^ ]+)/...Change',this.ajaxGetFiles.bind(this));}\n

    Also, the security overview looks a bit weird (see screenshot). The table header doesn't seems to have enough table cells.

    This is Silverstripe 2.3.4

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