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  • belanger
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    SS appropriate for corporate website? Link to this post

    Greetings all,

    I've been tasked with quickly implementing a CMS to allow non-technical users to maintain a relatively simple corporate website. I've been doing some research about SilverStripe and have liked what I've seen, but am concerned I'd have to do too much development to meet my requirements.

    The two main things I'm looking for are:

    1) Constrained-field content entry
    While the free-form HTML fields are nice, we have need in a number of sections where the writer should only be allowed to enter plaintext in certain fields. For example, press releases, where they might have a field for date, title and body. Upon publishing, the press release index would automatically be updated.

    Is there pre-existing functionality for something like this within SS or an extension?

    2) Fairly basic workflow
    We have Writers, who should be able to modify various content areas and we have Editors, who review and publish.

    I noticed the concept of roles in my research, but it wasn't clear to me how built out this functionality was. Ideally, there would be a notification system within SS allowing a writer put an edit within an Editors queue, but that would just be a bonus.

    Any opinions or pointers greatly appreciated.


  • Willr
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    Re: SS appropriate for corporate website? Link to this post

    Welcome to the forums.

    SilverStripe is designed for corporates for the question is it appropriate is yes. As for the more specific issues 1) No real constrained fields out of the box as such but If you want plain text fields (no html) then you can create those easy. You can also create limited html boxs (Say only allow bold, links) but using the HTMLEditorConfig class.

    Workflow module has been drastically improved over the past 12 months so defiantly check that out (2.4 only)

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