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  • alvonso
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    PhpUnit vs sake test behaviour Link to this post

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to run unit test via phpunit as described here:

    Running Test with phpunit and sake seems to behave differently.
    Some test pass in sake but don't in phpunit.

    For example phpunit sapphire/tests/SiteTreeBacklinksTest.php
    results in ...FFF and a
    Fatal error: Call to a member function obj() on a non-object in .../sapphire/tests/SiteTreeBacklinksTest.php on line 227

    sake dev/tests/SiteTreeBacklinksTest
    results in .......

    This behavior occures with multiple files. They pass in sake but fail in phpunit.

    I'm running SS 2.4.5 and
    PHPUnit 3.5.14

    Any ideas how I could get the tests to pass with PHPUnit.


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