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  • chris_d
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    Action "" not allowed on class when using page comments with nested urls build Link to this post

    I installed the most recent checkout of the nested urls branch, but I'm having problems with the page comments feature.
    If someone submits a comment a popup box appears with Action "" isn't allowed on class.

    Example ->http://www.rustyspigot.com/webmasters/

    I've also been having simliar issues with the forum module.

    Anyone had this too, got any suggestions?
    I've tried installing a blank checkout but I still get the same problem.

    Im presuming that due to nested urls the action part of the url isn't being parsed correctly by RequestHandler.php
    if($this->checkAccessAction($action)) {
       101    if(!$action) {
       102    if(isset($_REQUEST['debug_request'])) Debug::message("Action not set; using default action method name 'index'");
       103    $action = "index";
       104    } else if(!is_string($action)) {
       105    user_error("Non-string method name: " . var_export($action, true), E_USER_ERROR);
       106    }
       107    $result = $this->$action($request);
       108    } else {
       109    return $this->httpError(403, "Action '$action' isn't allowed on class $this->class");
       110    }


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