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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • adamtang
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    Doubts about SilverStripe Link to this post

    Hi all, thanks for this wonderful cms software. I have seem SilverStripe last year on the name list of puckt most promising cms but I thought that might be branch of product from Microsoft SilverLight so didn't check it up

    Now I am here and I am trying to learn how to use SS.

    My doubts here are I am building a normal website which some simple games like guessing-words or simple flash puzzle match game. Can I insert my flash into any page and only certain group of users (permission???) can play it? Can I put some kind of form to let user enter their next word and on the time I as organizer input my own result, they will see their gold increase by 50 if they guessed correctly? The example like

    What word do you think if u see a yellow-black fan logo? >>>> answer is nuclear obviously

    Which one gives you more protein?
    1. 100g vegetable
    2. 100g meat
    3. 100g egg

    >>>>> answer is meat

    Can I do this word-guessing by using SS and Sapphire framework?

    My audience mostly are kids who want to learn more english words. That's why I like SS because the interface is BIG, WIDE and SEXY

    There is 1 final question. Can anyone point up the path for me to learn how to do in order to surf SS site by using mobile? says my domain is


    and my mobile domain is

    mobi.abc.com <<< possible?
    abc.com/mobi <<< possible?

    I know there is wap, wml, and xhtml. But I only know simple html and simple php. Can anyone share me ways to surf SS site with mobile device for

    1. login
    2. browse question list
    3. click question, input guessed answer and click submit
    4. logout

    Thanks in advance everyone.

  • adamtang
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    Re: Doubts about SilverStripe Link to this post

    Would anyone so kind to give me some clues thanks.

  • Fuzz10
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    Re: Doubts about SilverStripe Link to this post

    Hi Adam,

    Welcome to Silverstripe...

    With regards to the games ; most of the work you mention is in the creation of the flash components , you'd need to use Silverstripe's security model for the authentication.

    I think the subsites module will help you with the creation of your mobile site. You can then use specific templates (or even pages) for mobile-users.

    So basically, yes , you can use SS for your site; you will need some coding-knowledge. Your best bet is to start with the tutorials on this site.

    Good luck !

  • adamtang
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    Re: Doubts about SilverStripe Link to this post

    Thank you very much for pointing up ^^ Fuzz10.

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