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  • dacar
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    how to get an id to start query? Link to this post


    for the else-tree below i want to get all data from "Referenz" joining "Stammdaten". But the result should be limited to the first hit of "Stammdaten.Firmenname" with a match in "Referenz". How can i get the id from a first statement like:

    $id = DataObject::get("Stammdaten", "", "Stammdaten.Firmenname", "LEFT JOIN Referenz ON Referenz.Kunde = Stammdaten.ID", "");

    to pass it to the second query? Something like $id->ID?????

    Thanks for your help.


    function getReferenzenVonFirmen() {
          // Debug::show(@Director::urlParam('ID')); die();
          $id = @Director::urlParam('ID');
          // Debug::show($id); die;
          if($id > NULL) {
          $Referenzen = DataObject::get("Referenz", "Referenz.Anzeigen = 1 AND BildEinsID > 0 AND StammdatenID = ".$id."", "StammdatenID", "", "");
          } else {
          $Referenzen = DataObject::get("Referenz", "Referenz.Anzeigen = 1 AND BildEinsID > 0", "Stammdaten.Firmenname", "LEFT JOIN Stammdaten ON Referenz.StammdatenID = Stammdaten.ID", "");
          //Debug::show($Referenzen); die;
          return $Referenzen;

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