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  • Reflektera
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    Stuck at loading / splash screen Link to this post

    I moved my working site from my local machine to the live server and when I try to login I can see how things gett loaded but the CMS never show up. All I see is the SS-logo. It seems like it is a similar problem as in this thread: http://silverstripe.org/archive/show/241704

    If i put the domain in developing mode it's allright but I guess thats not proper behaviour for SS?

  • ahooper
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    Re: Stuck at loading / splash screen Link to this post

    This one had me scratching my head as well. i was testing a few versions and decided to drop back to the stable version. after install the system got stuck at the splash screen so i deleted the DB and tried just about everyting.

    Then just before i was about to throw in the towel did a http://my.domain.name.com/admin/?flush=1

    Works now.

  • macelfresh
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    Re: Stuck at loading / splash screen Link to this post

    When in local, just think that your db is different, and that you need to change the access details.

    Happened to me 2 days ago...

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