SilverStripe CMS and Framework 3 is stable and ready to download

Posted by Sam Minnée on 29 June 2012

It’s been a long time coming and now it’s here. SilverStripe 3.0.0 stable has landed and is here for you to download and use. This is a milestone for SilverStripe and the open source community. We have all been working hard for this, and with the help of many of you, we finally got to the stable release.

3.0 looks brand new and is a masterpiece of elegant code and usability, but it is also just the start of something even better. We are already working on the feature list for 3.1, motivated by all the feedback we received from you.

The new feature list is long, we’ve all covered them already in the post about beta 2 and beta 3. The story behind SilverStripe is explained here:

What we’ve done in between beta and stable was fixing a whole lot of bugs that you discovered. Thanks to everyone who has raised bugs on

We've had 317 commits to the CMS since 3.0.0-beta1 and 1280 to the Framework, written by 48 different authors. This has definitely been a team result and everyone who has contributed to this should be very proud!

I am very proud of what we’ve all achieved, and I’d like to take a moment to thank a few people for their contributions: thanks to Ingo Schommer and Hamish Friedlander, Sean Harvey and Simon Welsh as being some of the biggest core contributors.

Since we released beta 2 on 20 April, there have been 279 tickets raised and 536 closed. Since beta 1 we closed 277 tickets against 3.0 milestones.

The new user interface is summarised in the screencast below, and available to try out at

Again; this is a big milestone and a good time to hold in for a moment and to celebrate.

Come and join our Hackathon - let’s build great things with SilverStripe 3, and get even more ideas for SilverStripe 3.1!

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  • I have to admit at first using v2 of silverstripe i thought it was a fairly basic cms which was visually years behind the competition. This v3 has seriously impressed so far, UI is amazing, the flow is great, alot of kinks have been ironed out. Great Job guys. Perth, Australia

    Posted by Thiago Cruz, 2 years ago

  • I started using SilverStripe about 8 months ago. I have been very impressed with the templates, modularity, and ORM. A few of my clients complained about quirks of the admin UI, but version 3 seems to have taken care of all of those issues. It seems I have a lot of upgrading to do. lol

    Posted by Jake Hooper, 2 years ago @HooperSolutions

  • I'm away to give this a try. I used silverstripe for a job a couple of years back and felt it was lacking some features. Looking forward to seeing how v3.0 compares.

    Posted by Ian, 2 years ago @cogocreative

  • I think New version of SilverStripe can get those people quality result who is working with cms. Hopefully best of luck with SilverStripe and builder these pack.

    Posted by Shajedul, 2 years ago @imdsaji

  • NIce! Now the most important thing... have you all fixed a usable ecommerce plugin? Tried it before for a client 4 years ago and it was a HUGE pain and still needed a lot of work. That is the main thing which is keeping me away from SS. And experienced developers don't give me a lame excuse telling me YOU can use it easily.

    Posted by Michael Zang, 2 years ago

  • Hi,

    just finished the upgrade of all my clients sites from SilverStripe 2.4.7 to 3.0.0. Upgrade went smooth for 98% of the sites.

    Two sites responded with a server error (code 500) after visiting /dev/build?flush=all and failed to update the database. I could solve this by forcing the site into dev mode and providing admin login infos via mysite/_config.php.

    Thanks to the entire SilverStripe crew - great job.

    Cheers cwsoft

    Posted by cwsoft, 2 years ago

  • @Rob; upgrading is pretty straight forward for a smaller site. Saying that an upgrade might be more difficult with a heavily customised site. I think about creating a video.

    @Dmitry and @Siddarth; all our SS3 documentation is here:
    The documentation is work in progress and there will soon be more. If you're stuck post your question in the forum or go to There is usually someone there to help.

    @Peter; There's several ways to solve that, depending on what the menu is linking to (other pages? generated data?) and how you're including it in the template, though all of them involve some small amount of code. I'd recommend asking on the forum, the dev mailing list or on the IRC channel on Friday mornings.

    Posted by Kerstin, 2 years ago @silverstripe

  • Finally! That just came right on time! :) Can start the next project with ss3! Congratulations!

    Posted by Flosen Spierala, 2 years ago

  • Will our old Silverstripe projects be in any way compatible with the new release? Would love to see a follow up video if so showing how easy/difficult that will be.

    Posted by Rob Sheldrake, 2 years ago

  • Loving the new version, it's extremely easy to use and easy to customize. I've only scratched the surface with it. Keep up the fantastic work.

    Posted by steve, 2 years ago

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