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User Forms 0.2 brings new ease to managing forms

We recently released a major update to the User Forms module. We mentioned the features earlier, but these features are now ready for production websites.

Screenshot of Userforms module

  • Improved user interface for editing fields, with more descriptive labels and improved layout.
  • You can now configure simple conditional logic. When someone answers a question in a form, that answer can be used to hide or show other fields on that form.
  • Both the editor and the public-facing form now use jQuery. All of the prototype JavaScript library code has gone, more than halving the lines of JavaScript through a better architecture.
  • The code at the PHP level has also been substantially rewritten. The model has been optimised and this drops the number of database tables from 12 to 3. We hope you like the speed and architecture improvements!
  • The web-based report of form submissions is more powerful. The report is now paginated, and you can remove individual submissions or clear them all out.
  • You can set custom messages for when fields are not filled out properly, overriding the SilverStripe defaults.
  • Instead of sending a submission to a single email address, you can send to multiple email addresses. For each recipient you can customise the To, From, Subject, and Body content.
  • Thanks to updates to the Mollom module and Recaptcha module last month, you can limit the amount of unwanted spam coming through your forms.
  • Note: As yet there is no data migration strategy from forms built in the previous version to the new one. Also, this module currently has bugs when used on multiple-language websites.

Custom Fields open up a new form of SilverStripe extensions!

Example of Google Maps Selection FieldAn exciting feature added to this version of the User Forms module is that it supports custom fields. These extensions are created by writing PHP code that can sit in their own folder, making them easy to share and reuse. Technically, you extend the EditableFormField PHP class; see the Google Maps Selection Field source code for an example. We're looking forward to seeing the community contribute useful types of fields, and we are also happy to know that the core module does not need to bloat with all sorts of rarely used field types.

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Sigurd Magnusson, 5 August 2009

London SilverStripe Community Meetup

Come to a SilverStripe event in London on Thursday 3rd September! SilverStripe Partner GPMD is hosting the after-work event from 6:45pm at The Worship — see the new SilverStripeUK meetup group that GMPD has created for further details. GPMD plans to make this a regular event in London.

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Sigurd Magnusson, 5 August 2009

Our ideas on usability, shared.

Two weeks ago SilverStripe featured at the world's largest open source software conference, OSCON. We gave a talk to a crowded room of software developers titled, Ten Usability Epiphanies for Your Open Source Web-app. The slides are available in PDF and you can watch the entire session online. This will give you insight into how SilverStripe thinks about usability.

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Sigurd Magnusson, 4 August 2009

Help SilverStripe grow by nominating us at the Packtpub CMS awards

Packtpub 2009 CMS Awards LogoToday the world's major open source CMS awards opened for 2009. Run by the UK publisher PacktPub, these annual awards provide a $24,000 prize pool and exposure to winning CMS projects. Winning helps to fund new features in our software, and helps us grow our developer and user community.

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Sigurd Magnusson, 3 August 2009

Share your SilverStripe experience in global CMS survey

A global survey to profile users of open source CMS software has just been launched. If you've used or implemented SilverStripe software, we'd love for you take 10 minutes to complete the survey.

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Sigurd, 3 August 2009

5 module updates provide a real field-day

We've released updates to five modules today. The set of releases focuses on giving more power to non-technical people in managing website forms.

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Sigurd, 10 July 2009

What should be on council websites of the future?

Last month, SilverStripe spoke about what we consider to be the future trends and features of council (local government authority) websites. We also asked council staff what they wanted to add to their websites. You can watch our presentation and read council views below.

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Sigurd Magnusson, 30 June 2009

Watch panel discussion the suitability of SilverStripe for councils

You can watch four New Zealand councils provide customer views about the CMS running their public-facing website. The 50-minute panel discussion was a popular session at the Council Web Symposium held in Wellington last month.

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Sigurd Magnusson, 30 June 2009

Learn about SilverStripe and our government work in Washington DC

Join us in Washington DC! From 7 to 9pm on Thursday, 16th July, we're presenting an interactive case study of the 2008 U.S. Democratic National Convention website.

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Sigurd, 25 June 2009

English book available for US pre-order. Preview the cover!

Work on the English SilverStripe book is steadily progressing!

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Sigurd Magnusson, 24 June 2009