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Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic translation enables over a billion more users

Posted by Sigurd Magnusson on 9 October 2013

The SilverStripe CMS content editing interface has now been translated into Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic, which combined are spoken as a first language by far more people in the world than English. Download SilverStripe 3.1.1 or try it out in the demo

SilverStripe is translated into many other languages - from Norwegian and Russian to Czech and te reo Māori (see video). If you know a language besides English, we would love you to review and contribute translations.

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3.1.0 goes stable

Posted by Ingo Schommer on 1 October 2013

How time flies. Our first 3.1.0 beta release was brought to you by Santa – last year. The easter bunny came empty handed, but we've been busy getting the final release into shape. Today we're proud to announce the next major milestone for SilverStripe, 3.1.0 stable. Nearly a hundred contributors have joined forces, pushing over 2000 commits. We encourage you to download 3.1.0 final, and review our changelog and upgrading guide.

User Interface: More visual feedback and easier preview

The 3.0 release came in 2012 with a completely reimagined user interface. With 3.1, we wanted to focus on stability and more iterative improvements, with more knowledge on how users find their way around the new CMS. In SilverStripe 3.0 (like in most CMSes), you had to switch between the editing interface and a preview of the actual website. In 3.1, you can see the two side-by-side, provided you have a decent screen resolution. There are new options for previewing at different widths, and more useful controls for switching between draft and live content.

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Wellington's July Meetup: Community management, security and a case study

Posted by Sam Minnee on 18 July 2013

Wednesday night's meetup was a great success. Cam gave a lot of great insight about how we can look after our community, and Stephen gave us some useful tips about how to keep your SilverStripe sites secure. Alongside the presentations, it was a good time to re-connect with other local SilverStripers.

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Introducing the Static Publish Queue module

Posted by Julian Seidenberg on 3 July 2013

Say your name is Awesome Developer and you’ve built a website for a client. This site runs on SilverStripe, because, let’s face it, you’re awesome and you want an easy-to-use CMS for your client, a CMS that is also packed-full with useful developer features.

Suddenly you are faced with a serious problem. Your client’s name is Popular Scrooge. He says to you one day, “Hey Awesome, you know that site you’re building for me... I want to create a section for pictures of kittens riding skateboards, and post links to all the social networks. You know I have about ten million Twitter followers, right? Will that get me lots of hits? Oh, and by the way, I don’t want to spend any more money.”

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Rapid Prototyping with SilverStripe & Foundation

Posted by Ryan Wachtl on 29 May 2013

Ryan WachtlGuest blogger Ryan Wachtl is an independent US-based web developer and information architect with a passion for the art of programming and the science of design. He has been building sites with SilverStripe since the early 2.2 release and organizes the SilverStripe user group in Madison, WI. You can stay in touch by following @ryanwachtl on Twitter.

Fixing an Outdated Workflow

I think by now we can all agree that the traditional web project workflow, going from planning → wireframes → Photoshop comps → HTML/CSS/JavaScript → CMS integration → launch, is outdated and broken. It’s a comfortable and controlled workflow that relies heavily on hand-offs and sign-offs. The recently heightened focus on designing around content, designing for an ever growing device landscape, and emphasizing the quality of the user experience has led to the demise of this workflow.

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On to “The news!” - News via the ModelAdmin

Posted by Simon Erkelens on 8 May 2013

Simon 'Sphere' Erkelens is a freelance developer, fulltime employee of We::Code in the Netherlands with a tertiary background in applied physics. Before that, Simon worked for Squal Media. He started using SilverStripe at the end of 2009. Simon has given multiple presentations on implementing Facebook API into PHP and on SilverStripe's lesser known features. Most of his personal development work is on Github.

I only develop core features. I'm not a front-ender of any kind. And if I have to... well, look at my website. As simple as possible.

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Improved Config API and secure default template casting in 3.1.0-beta3

Posted by Ingo Schommer on 22 April 2013

We're proud to release our third beta of SilverStripe 3.1 (download), which gets us very close to the Release Candidate (RC) stage. Compared to previous beta releases, beta 3 has seen some large but unavoidable API changes. Please ensure to read the changelog and upgrading guide. You'll need to at least rewrite your static declarations in your Page and Page_Controller classes (incl. custom subclasses). Also, check that any used modules are compatible with the new beta. The easiest way to manage those dependencies is an installation through Composer.

The "old way" of setting configuration through static properties or methods at runtime has been deprecated with 3.0. The YAML-based Config API which replaces it has not seen widespread use though. This changes now, with most core configuration only accessible through this API. In order to enforce this change, the visibility of statics has changed to "private", which will throw errors if your codebase accesses those directly. The Config API helps us to provide a faster and cleaner bootstrap process, since less PHP files need to be autoloaded.

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SXSW 2013: A Mixed Bag

Posted by Richard Rudy on 26 March 2013

Richard is a designer/developer/strategist/coffee addict/Twitter junkie/slash/slash/slash. He's been working with SilverStripe since 2009 and runs his own company design + awesome. In 2012, Richard blogged about OmniOutliner to SilverStripe. Find him on twitter @thezenmonkey.

Every March, tens of thousands of filmmakers, marketers, designers and musicians from around the world descend on Austin, TX for South By South West (SXSW). What started as a humble music festival has grown into a city-wide event crossing industry and cultural boundaries.

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Web Developers do it on the fly

Posted by Russell Michell on 13 March 2013

Russell Michell describes himself in the context of work as an absolute web all-rounder, as comfortable on the command-line as he is with the front-end. Originally from Cambridge, UK he has performed his craft for startups, academia and agencies in the UK, Australia and in the years since his first OE to New Zealand back in '99. Russell is a web developer at SilverStripe in Wellington, having joined the company in 2011.

Usually when web developers read the words "on", "fly" and "the" (usually in a different order) various tech-solutions to as-yet-undefined problems present themselves, perhaps involving near real time data processing, AJAX UI interactions or some kind of HTML5 web-socket or Node application.

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Converting from SilverStripe 2.4 to 3.1-beta

Posted by Fred Condo on 6 March 2013

Fred Condo has a Ph.D. in the Management of Information Systems and Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate School, and is Chief Engineer at Quinn Interactive. Quinn Interactive is a web design & development firm located in San Francisco, California specializing in interactive design, content-management integration, IA, and custom development. Fred got into SilverStripe in 2008. He has made 24 commits to the SilverStripe framework repository, which makes him the 28th-most prolific contributor to the project. You should follow him on GitHub here.


  • We did a 2.4 → 3.1-beta conversion
  • We made the minimal changes required to get the site running under the new framework
  • Bye, Data Object Manager!
  • The ORM’s new fluid syntax is great (unless you forget to save the result!)
  • It was easy!

About our upgrade

When QI began using SilverStripe, we converted our static HTML site to SilverStripe 2.3. Over time, we upgraded to 2.4, and eagerly awaited SilverStripe 3.

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