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Wellington's February 2013 Community Meetup

Posted by Sigurd Magnusson on 27 February 2013

Thank you all for coming along to Molly Malone's last week! The first Wellington developer community Meetup of 2013 was held on a beautiful and warm summer evening, with great attendance (approximately 60 of you made it), conversation, and presentations.

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SilverStripe 3.1.0-beta2 is available

Posted by Sam Minnée on 26 February 2013

Like the subject-line says, we have a new beta release of SilverStripe 3.1 ready for you all to try.

Most of the work has been on bugfixing and cleaning up APIs, so there is not a lot of new features to talk about.  Instead, the beta2 release is part of the ongoing work to get SilverStripe 3.1 ready for production.

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OAuth Server

Posted by Simon Welsh on 20 February 2013

Simon Welsh is a developer at PocketRent, a SaaS using SilverStripe. He is currently working towards completing his Honours degree in Computer Science and Maths, and was recently a finalist in the NZOSS awards for his development efforts within the SilverStripe community. Simon has written for the SilverStripe blog before, documenting his journey of upgrading to 3.0. Follow Simon's alias simon_w on both Twitter and the SilverStripe IRC channel.

The web has moved away from disconnected sites that don't know anything about what's going on in the rest of the world. Now, almost every site that is anything beyond your bog-standard brochure site has connections to at least one other site, though usually substantially more. This can range from simple things, like using Facebook and Twitter for log ins, to more complicated integrations, such as taking payments using Stripe, recording the payment in Xero then uploading a file to SS3. These sorts of sites are said to "consume" others.

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Tackling project risk: How long is that piece of string?

Posted by Diana Hennessy on 14 February 2013

As someone who is passionate about business, Diana has a diverse background in many industries, most notably in a marketing or project management capacity. No matter which direction she went, she was always handed a website to upgrade, create, design, or manage. She took this as a sign to head into the web industry, and has since worked as a project manager combining her knowledge of business and marketing to help clients achieve their project vision.

I’m going to start with a bold statement: Estimates are always wrong.

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SilverStripe selected to build Common Web Platform for New Zealand Public Sector

Posted by Sam Minnée on 7 February 2013

Today we are proud and excited to announce that we have been selected by the Department of Internal Affairs to build the Common Web Platform for the New Zealand public sector.

To do this, we are building a Platform as a Service version of SilverStripe CMS targeted specifically at the needs of the New Zealand public sector. We are working with Revera, making use of their Government Infrastructure as a Service, alongside the set of open source tools that provide the best environment for creating and hosting SilverStripe websites. Development of the platform is already underway.

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Drupal Connector Module

Posted by Robert Curry on 30 January 2013

Robert is a SilverStripe developer who cut his teeth on computer games, first hacking them together between classes at uni and then professionally at Sidhe Interactive, where he worked on games for the PlayStation2 and Xbox consoles. After leaving Sidhe to "go indie" and develop websites to raise capital, he found that he really enjoyed working with web technologies and decided to make a go of it. This is Robert's first time as guest writer and he is here to introduce us to his latest project: the Drupal connector module.

The Drupal connector has finally arrived! With this module you’ll be able to embed or import content from a site running on Drupal 5+ into your SilverStripe 3 site.

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Get Mobile with SilverStripe: Our Workplace Challenge

Posted by Brooke Penny on 25 January 2013

Amidst the craziness of December 2012, we held an in-house mobile app competition at SilverStripe Headquarters, coined the "Jedi Challenge". The topic for the Jedi Challenge was to interact on the move. The application needed to be mobile and multi-user focussed. There were really no boundaries with this competition, which saw a range of entries from a recipe app, to a real-time, multi-player game. Head over to for the full story.

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Santa brought you a 3.1.0-beta1!

Posted by Ingo Schommer on 18 December 2012

It’s been about six months since we released 3.0 stable into the world, and the whole team is proud to see it being adopted so well by the community at large. Since then, we've had over 500 pull requests to our core, mostly targeted at the new version, which is a fantastic result. 

Typically, you had to wait for at least a year to get to the next major stable version. In the spirit of continuous delivery, we want to shorten this time frame a bit, and provide you with slimmer, but more frequent releases. Accordingly, the 3.1.0 beta 1 release has a lot of incremental, but less visible improvements. With the release being in beta status, we don’t expect any further API changes, and encourage you to download it and try the codebase (changelog, upgrading guide).

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Why BSD?

Posted by Sam Minnée on 12 December 2012

Back in 2007, when we made the decision to open source our CMS, we were faced with a decision: which open source license should we release it under? Although at first glance it may seem like a bit of tedious legal administration, the choice of license cuts to the heart of the goals of an open source project.

There are many other licenses to choose from, such as GPL, BSD, MIT and Apache. MIT and BSD are very similar. The Apache License has a similar permissive intent, but is more explicit, and as such it is a lengthier, more complex document. We didn't spend too much time choosing between very similar licenses and instead quickly narrowed our choice down to two alternatives: BSD and GPL.

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Closeup on Application Platform Liked

Posted by Kerstin Schuman on 3 December 2012

The creators of consist of a team of six Swedish guys - entrepreneurs Marcus and Robert, developers Tomas, Eskil and Andreas, and a designer, Dawid, all located in Stockholm. They started to build the site one year ago during their spare time. Tomas and Eskil have been working with SilverStripe for about four years now within different companies and projects throughout Sweden. After many late nights of hard coding and design work, the project has become quite the success.

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