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SilverStripe Framework and CMS 3.0.3 now available

Posted by Hamish Friedlander on 26 November 2012

SilverStripe is pleased to announce the immediate release of SilverStripe Framework and CMS 3.0.3 stable.

3.0.3 is the third release in the 3.0.x series, a series of releases based on the major 3.0 release aimed at fixing bugs, adding minor functional enhancements and addressing security issues that have been discovered since that release.

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Document Management System Module

Posted by Julian Seidenberg on 21 November 2012

I have the pleasure of introducing a new module that we created here at the SilverStripe HQ - The Document Management System (DMS) module. 


A few years ago, community member Aaron Calino (UncleCheese) created the Data Object Manager module for SilverStripe 2. This module was packed with features that allowed users to manage DataObjects related to pages. However, as Aaron has stated in this forum post, the new GridField class in SilverStripe 3 does much of what Data Object Manager did in SS2, so he won't be making a version of Data Object Manager for SS3.

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Seeking support in SilverStripe's social sphere

Posted by Pyromanik on 15 November 2012

I am a developer who uses the SilverStripe CMS. I have over four years experience in everything from small websites to large multi-user internal system tools. I was originally drawn to SilverStripe in my web developer infancy because of its strong and intuitive templating system, and I've never looked back. I give back to the community by providing support on the IRC channel, through which I've met new people and learnt a whole heap of things I never would have without the tools I'm about to talk about below.

So. You're a developer who has (perhaps recently) discovered SilverStripe. That is great! You're loving how easy its sleek UI and extremely supportive framework makes your life when it comes to developing websites or web applications. However you've just come across an issue that you're having trouble solving. Maybe it's a question about how something works, what the best way to achieve something might be, or maybe how to troubleshoot a problem you're having with the system. Perhaps you just want to say "Hi" to the community. Whatever your reasons, SilverStripe has a variety of methods to enable you to contact people who are willing to offer you support.

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The Dashboard Module: Make a splash in SilverStripe 3

Posted by Aaron Carlino on 8 November 2012

This month, we welcomed the newest member in a long line of Uncle Cheese’s brainchildren – the Dashboard module. Dashboard is for SilverStripe 3 only, and with a highly extensible API and frictionless interface, it’s likely that you’ll find more than a few reasons to use it on your next SilverStripe project.

Why Dashboard?

One of the disadvantages of being a developer is that we rarely get to play the role of an end-user in the software we create. When clients and project managers ask me what I love so much about SilverStripe 3, I usually rattle off a bunch of technical things – the new ORM, the improved templating, the GridField API – things that mean nothing to a content editor. What most upgrade-fearing users are wondering is how SilverStripe 3 makes content editing easier, faster, and more powerful than ever before.

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Google Summer of Code 2012 Summit

Posted by Ingo Schommer on 29 October 2012

Google Summer of Code 2012 Mentor Summit #1
Group Photo by Robin Smidsrød

Three hundred open source enthusiasts, the San Francisco sun, Android statues and loads of idea sharing. That's the mixture which made the Google Summer of Code Summit 2012 such an amazing event. As a participating organization in the preceding open source internship programme, SilverStripe was invited to join the two day conference. Ingo Schommer represented the org admins and Philipp Krenn this year's mentors. 

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HTML5 and Beyond

Posted by Ryan Wachtl on 25 October 2012

Guest blogger Ryan Wachtl is an independant US-based web developer and runs the SilverStripe user group in Madison. Prior to this, Ryan wrote about SilverStripe PayPal Mini Cart Integration and The Trials and Tribulations of a Freelancer.

Last week I attended the HTML5 Developer Conference in San Francisco, California. It was a great conference that reignited my passion for front-end development. We’re in the middle of a major transitional period within the world of web development. Implementations and support for HTML5 vary greatly across the spectrum of browsers and we don’t want to end up in a ‘this site best viewed in’ situation. We’ve already witnessed the results of that, I’m looking at you Internet Explorer. But in all fairness, IE 10 is making progress towards offering up wider support for current and emerging web standards. I had originally planned to recap my experience at the conference, but quickly realized that I wanted to step back a bit and address HTML5 directly. The term HTML5 is used very loosely both inside and outside of our industry and I see a lot of confusion arise around the topic. In this post, I’m going to get you up-to-speed with what exactly HTML5 is, and what it means for the future of the web.

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How to improve website performance

Posted by Julian Seidenberg on 17 October 2012

Julian is one of our SilverStripe developers who works with the rest of the team on large projects, as well as acting as technical lead on projects of his own. He is an American citizen who has never lived in America. He was born and grew up in Germany, studied in the UK, and is now happily living in New Zealand, whose friendly, laid-back culture and natural beauty he values.

We all want our websites to be fast. Customers prefer faster websites, they buy more, stay longer, and experience more enjoyment, all because of a faster site. Moreover, research indicates that people are getting increasingly less patient with slow websites:

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Wellington's October Meetup: SilverStripe's new module management system and e-Commerce solutions

Posted by Brooke Penny on 10 October 2012

Thanks to all of you who attended the final Wellington SilverStripe meetup of 2012. It was great to see many familiar faces along with some newbies, too.

Nicolass Francken of Wellington's web agency Sunny Side Up talked about SilverStripe and e-Commerce modules. Nicolass started with an overview of the projects and developments currently out there within the community, followed by a demo of the e-Commerce module he has had much success with - Sunny Side Up eCommerce module.

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Numbers and Prizes

Posted by Ingo Schommer on 1 October 2012

Geeks love numbers, and colourful T-shirts. So this blog post is about both. Numbers help us to measure and compare. For our open source product, lots of curves are pointing upwards these days, which is fantastic news. And we'd like to reward the community for the significant increases we see in most of these numbers – but more on this later.

We manually collect some highlevel information on In addition to that, an external platform called Ohloh tracks our core coding activity. And boy, it's a great way to visualize the SilverStripe ecosystem growing, by counting everything from lines of code, over comment ratio, to all-time contributor lists.

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User testing the SilverStripe website

Posted by Kerstin Schuman on 27 September 2012


You might have heard it through the grapevine; we decided to face the challenge to redevelop our community hub at

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