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SS3 Gridfield buttons-before-left fragment missing


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28 May 2012 at 2:59pm Community Member, 52 Posts

Hi there, I've been playing around with GridField in SS3 and found a problem I'm not sure how to address.

I have the following model : 'Page' -- has_one --> 'Block' --has_many--> 'Contents'

I can successfully add a gridfield to manage the 'Page' -- has_one --> 'Block' relationship but as soon as I add the second 'Block' --has_many--> 'Contents' Relationship I get this error:

Error at \framework\forms\gridfield\GridField.php line 291: Uncaught LogicException: GridField HTML fragment 'buttons-before-left' was given content, but not defined. Perhaps there is a supporting GridField component you need to add?

Now I can get around that error by adding a $DefineFragment(buttons-before-left) somewhere in one of the GridField templates Eg \framework\templates\Includes\ It seesm to be adding the 'autocompleter' section.

Then it works well.... but this is obviously a slightly hacky way to do things - is there a better one? Have I just missed the correct procedure?




18 July 2012 at 3:50am Community Member, 16 Posts


Sorry not an answer, but I do have a question.. you say that you have a working has_one relation managed via GridField. Would you mind sharing that code as I am struggling to find references to this setup anywhere, its all 1-many and many-many.

Many thanks


18 July 2012 at 10:34am Community Member, 52 Posts

sure thing:
NB I belive the previous problem has been addressed since I posted last!

but a has one i've mostly managed with a dropdown field (I can't recall my original setup unfortunately) but if you really wanted i guess you could use something like this:
untested so mileage may vary...

class SideBar extends DataObject {

static $db = array(
'Type' => 'Enum("SideItem,EducationSearchWidget,GoogleMapWidget","SideItem")',
'Title' => 'Varchar'
static $has_one =array(
'Style' => 'Style'

function getCMSFields() {

$fields = new FieldList(
new TextField('Title')

$sc = Style::get()->filter(array("ID" => "Style.ID"));
$GridField = new GridField("Style", "Styles on this page", $sc, new GridFieldConfig_RelationEditor());

return $fields;