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  • ImacSS
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    Navigation question... Link to this post

    I have a navigation menu setup as follows:

    Root A
       Sub A1
       Sub A2
       Sub A3
       Sub A4
       Sub A5

    Root B
       Sub B1
       Sub B2
       Sub B3

    Root C
       Sub C1
       Sub C2
       Sub C3
       Sub C4

    The "Root" menus run across the top, the "Sub" menus run down the left.
    Client wanted the top "Sub" of each "Root" to be the landing page for each Root menu.
    So if you clicked on the "Root A" link, it would take you to the same place as "Sub A1", and vice versa. Although clicking on any "Sub" below the first would take you to a unique page.

    My problem is I am having difficulty in reproducing this navigation, so that it displays correctly within the CMS and the site, with the base page types provided.

    If I make "Root A" a "Virtual Page" with the intent of having it link to the "Sub A1" page, then I cannot select "Sub A1" page as it no longer appears on the list (Apparently, only "Page" page types are allowed to have sub pages?).

    If I change the page type of "Sub A1" to be a "Virtual Page" with the intent of linking it to the "Root A" content, then I cannot set a custom "Sub A1" title - as it just replicated the title given to "Root A".

    Do I need to create a custom page type in order to achieve what I want here? Or am I missing something really obvious?

    Appreciate any assistance anyone can give - thanks!

  • Aram
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    Re: Navigation question... Link to this post

    I'd say your missing something really obvious

    Try a redirector page, and set it to redirect to Sub A1 etc. That way you jsut click on the root page and it automatically redirects you to your chosen page.

    Hope that helps

  • ImacSS
    Community Member
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    Re: Navigation question... Link to this post

    Well...that does explain it I guess.

    Appears I should have tried that - even though I discounted it as not possibly being the right answer.

    I assumed that this would create a client side redirector for some bizzarre reason...haha, this makes a lot more sense now.

    Thanks for setting me straight aram!

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