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CVE-2023-49783 - No permission checks for editing or deleting records with CSV import form

Medium (?)
Versions Affected:
silverstripe/admin: ^1, ^2
Versions Fixed:
silverstripe/admin: 1.13.19, 2.1.8
Release Date:

Users who don't have edit or delete permissions for records exposed in a ModelAdmin can still edit or delete records using the CSV import form, provided they have create permissions.

The likelyhood of a user having create permissions but not having edit or delete permissions is low, but it is possible.

Note that this doesn't affect any ModelAdmin which has had the import form disabled via the showImportForm public property, nor does it impact the SecurityAdmin section.

Action may be required

If you have a custom implementation of BulkLoader, you should update your implementation to respect permissions when the return value of getCheckPermissions() is true.

If you are using any BulkLoader in your own project logic, or maintain a module which uses it, you should consider passing true to setCheckPermissions() if the data is provided by users.

Base CVSS: 4.3
Reported by:
Guy Sartorelli from Silverstripe