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Feedback and reviews

Over the past six years I have worked with a variety of CMS programmes and have found SilverStripe to be the easiest and most enjoyable system I have used to date. Although Plato gave us a training session on how to use it, the system is logical and I was able to write, edit and upload content without any issues. I am continuously surprised at how adaptable the system is and really appreciate being able to make changes without requiring assistance. Although our rebrand and website projects are only a few weeks/months old, we have already seen an increase in support for our organisation and received countless positive comments about our rebrand and the ease of navigating our new website.

--Raina Roberts, Marketing Manager, SPCA Canterbury.

I know a number of front-end developers who had limited PHP skills but were able to adapt to this CMS very quickly. I've used it myself, and apart from the flexibility and the ease of integration, the actual UI for the CMS is very intuitive and easy to use, so your clients will love it as well.

--Usman Sheilk, "expert tip of the month", .net magazine (UK). 

SilverStripe CMS takes the bottlenecks out of updating content on our website. Just hours after launching our new website, we used it to broadcast warnings about the threat of the Samoan Tsunami to our region. We'd never done this in the past as it took up to a day for our website to update. Now, we allow dozens of staff to contribute content to the website because it's so easy to use.

--Brett Sangster, Communications Manager, Greater Wellington Regional Council.

When you see it, you will be impressed. When you try the demo, you will be further impressed ... Anyone can get started with SilverStripe in minutes ... the bottom line is, evaluate SilverStripe before you [make] your decision.

--Nirav Mehta,"Choosing an Open Source CMS: Beginner's Guide", Packt Pub.

SilverStripe CMS is firmly planted in a new generation of web content management systems. The ease, power, and flexibility of the user interface is an aspiration for its competitors. Quite simply, with SilverStripe it is easier to add pages, links, images, and do all the other typical tasks of managing a website. Under the hood, it also has a lot of good things going for it. Most other web and CMS platforms have awkward codebases that are difficult to customize and upgrade. There is an emerging trend to solve this by cleanly separating a CMS into two things: a well-architected object oriented code framework, and a user interface for content and site management. Several key players are heading down this path, but SilverStripe is unique because it has a two year lead. SilverStripe has had this architecture from day one, and is now perfecting it, rather than working towards the trend.

--Bryan Ruby,

Microsoft handpicked a small sample of leading PHP and .NET applications to be part of its new Web Application Gallery... SilverStripe CMS was included in this group because it is a great product with a passionate user base. We're delighted by SilverStripe's commitment to working with Microsoft and its focus on delivering a compelling experience for its CMS community on IIS.

-- Bill Staples, General Manager, Web Platform and Tools, Microsoft.

SilverStripe is a great way to build websites and online applications. It is a technically-elegant product with a vibrant and growing developer community; just the sort of thing to demonstrate at our global conference to show what can be done with MySQL.

-- Lenz Grimmer, Community Relationship Manager, MySQL AB.

I was a judge this year on Packt Publishing's Most Promising Open Source CMS award: the results have just been announced. The winner was SilverStripe. I was personally impressed by the slickness of the interface, and by the fact that it has been designed to scale well to large websites. The developers have obviously thought carefully about the architecture, and are aiming for the "CMS plus web platform" approach of Drupal. I was also personally impressed by the responsiveness of the development team, their willingness to work in the community, and the clarity of their vision for the product. Worthy winners. Give it a look.

--Elliot Smith, Software Engineer at Intel.

I feel SilverStripe is a great example of a well-constructed open source project. It makes innovative use of technology but it is easy to use, which is just as important for open source, so it is a good candidate for Google to support. With so much going on in the web-development arena, it will be easy for Summer of Code developers to contribute, and with the mentors having helped students in the past, we were happy to trust SilverStripe to be the first New Zealand organisation involved.

-- Chris DiBona, Open Source Programs Manager, Google.