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NZ PHP Conference - Highlights from Dave Clark & Thiago Almeida

Posted by Elliot Sawyer on 2 September 2014

Today SilverStripe developer Elliot Sawyer shares his highlights from two NZ PHP Conference speakers - Dave Clark and Thiago Almeida

 5 Highlights from Dave Clark on Rapid API development with Apigility 

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NZ PHP Conference - Highlights from Rasmus Lerdorf - Coding & Dreaming

Posted by Matt Peel on 1 September 2014

It was fitting that the speaker chosen to kick off the first ever New Zealand PHP Conference was Rasmus Lerdorf. Rasmus is known for having gotten the PHP project off the ground in 1995 and has contributed to a number of other open source projects over the years. He was an infrastructure architect at Yahoo! for more than 7 years and joined Etsy in 2012. Rasmus's presentation covered an interesting background to how PHP evolved from a templating system into a coding language as well as insights into the greater purpose his role at Esty provides. 

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NZ PHP Conference - Photo Highlights

Posted by Nicole Williams on 1 September 2014

Last week Wellington welcomed New Zealand's first ever PHP Conference and a host of amazing speaker's from around the globe. An informal welcome event was hosted at the SilverStripe Head Office the night before the conference kicked off. It was a great chance to meet with the speakers and to show them a taste of Wellington hospitality. 

Photo Gallery by

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Version number change for Translatable module

Posted by Damian Mooyman on 27 August 2014

A short notice for users of the Translatable module. 

If you are using the translatable module version 1.1 in your projects via the composer dependancy management tool, you will need to update the requirements to version 2.0 in order to continue to receive future updates.

For example, in your composer.json file change the required version to correctly pull the 2.0 version.

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SilverStripe 3.1.6 is now out

Posted by Damian Mooyman on 26 August 2014

We've now released the latest version of the SilverStripe framework, version 3.1.6.

You can download this straight away from our downloads page.

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Win tickets to PHP Conference Wellington

Posted by Nicole Williams on 22 August 2014

The New Zealand PHP Conference is nearly here! Next Thursday & Friday (28th and 29th August 2014) PHP experts from across the globe will descend on Wellington to share their wisdom with the local developer community. We’ve got 2 two-day passes (valued at $510 each) to give away. Simply comment at the end of this post telling us who you’d be the most excited to hear and you could win!

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[video] A tale of mockery: Mocking database records and web services in SilverStripe and testing using Behat

Posted by Ingo Schommer on 15 August 2014

In this show and tell video I demonstrate how Behat integration tests can be run efficiently inside a SilverStripe project, while keeping test assertions readable and self contained. The demo walks through and shows how to create database records from within Behat, and fake web services.

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Progressing the SilverStripe documentation: Where to next?

Posted by Will Rossiter on 8 August 2014

During the recent Wellington hackfest and online via the SilverStripe developers mailing list we started the process of working on a relaunch of and drafting what that looks like going forward.

From discussions throughout the community, a number of common issues with the current documentation have been boiled down and drafted up into a plan for a reprise of the documentation for SilverStripe. The actions we are following are available to view on our public documentation trello board and consists of the following key activities.

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The workhorse that was: SilverStripe 2.4 end-of-life announcement

Posted by Cam Findlay on 28 July 2014

SilverStripe 3.1 was officially released almost ten months ago now and the feedback we’ve had has been great, with users feeling it was a significant step forward. SilverStripe 2.4, on the other hand, was released back in May 2010 making it more than four years old.  As a community you did great things with 2.4 and as a widely used popular version it became the ‘work horse’ among freelancers and web development shops alike.

However, all good things must come to an end. Although our general policies state that we would have stopped supporting 2.4 once 3.1 was released, we have continued to support it beyond that.  We would like to give you a decent amount of advance notice about the date for the end-of-life of SilverStripe version 2.4.

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Accepting Bitcoin with SilverStripe

Posted by Elliot Sawyer on 4 July 2014

Bitcoin is a rapidly rising digital currency that is quickly becoming a popular method to purchase goods and services on the Internet that requires no credit card, no bank account, and no personal information to be transmitted. Payments can be sent and received to a merchant from anywhere in the world in seconds, and there is no middleman sitting between the customer and the merchant.

SilverStripe is ideally suited for an application like this - the framework contains many useful libraries (such as RestfulService) that speak directly to the Bitcoin network or a payment gateway that forwards Bitcoin transactions for a miniscule fee, and has several modules that enable a business to set up and deploy an  e-commerce website very quickly with minimal effort. What would it take to accept Bitcoin in a point-of-sale environment using SilverStripe? I’ve created a basic point-of-sale system named "Bitrito" to sell hypothetical homemade burritos using Bitcoin to demonstrate this possibility.

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