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New SilverStripe Platform Dashboard Released

As part of our on-going improvement of SilverStripe Platform, we have just released a new version of the SilverStripe Platform developer dashboard. New features will give developers more flexibility and control over the site management process.

SilverStripe Platform Dashboard v1.3.3

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Sam Minnee Sam Minnee, 13 October 2015

3.2 stable finally final

It's been a long cycle since the first beta of 3.2 was available in June 2015, but a few months later we finally have a stable release available for download. This will mark our first new minor release of SilverStripe CMS since our adoption of semantic versioning in November of 2014.

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Damian Mooyman Damian Mooyman, 12 October 2015

What are your biggest hosting pain points?

Last month, we ran our very first survey on SilverStripe Platform. We simply wanted to know what the biggest pain points developers had with SilverStripe projects and what features of SilverStripe Platform that they found useful and would help remove those pain points.

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Sam Minnee Sam Minnee, 7 October 2015

#LocalGovCamp15 - Government Platforms, Collaboration and Lego

We attended LocalGovCamp 2015 (LGC) last month. For those that don’t know, LGC is an annual self-organised unconference for those working in or for local government. The attendees are able to share knowledge and learn from each other's experiences, much like open source communities do. It followed the approach of Open Space Technology which resulted in a lot of varied topics being covered.

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Announcing Module Standard 1.0 and Commercially Supported Modules

There are over 1,300 SilverStripe modules supported by an active open source community, delivering many additional functionalities to SilverStripe CMS such as blogging, user customisable form and workflow. We have taken these modules one step further with a newly proposed SilverStripeModule Standard 1.0 and Commercially Supported Modules.

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Cam Findlay Cam Findlay, 1 October 2015

Speakers confirmed for StripeCon 2015

Speakers have been confirmed for StripeCon 2015 - The SilverStripe European Conference 2015 - a free community run event taking place on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th October 2015 in London, UK. Talks will cater for everyone - SilverStripe experts, intermediates, beginners, and even for those that have never heard of SilverStripe before.

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Vinh Nguyen Vinh Nguyen, 29 September 2015

Tell me what you really really want - the birth of StripeGirls

On the evening of 15 September 2015, the first official StripeGirls meetup was held at SilverStripe headquarters.

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How to be a better developer

Head over to the SilverStripe team page and take a look at Hamish Friedlander, the SilverStripe CTO. Now take a look at me, then look back to Hamish, then back to me. What do you see? I think you will see that I am not nearly as smart as Hamish.

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Reflections on AgileNZ 2015

Some SilverStripers attended the 2015 Agile New Zealand conference 1 - 2 September in Wellington. Today our Senior Agile Project Manager, Gavin Coughlan, reflects on this event and what Agile means for us at SilverStripe.

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Hosting in the Ocean

Hosting on virtual servers is daunting and exciting in equal parts. There's something wonderful about the freedom you have to control this...thing...on the internet. To be able to spin up a computer at the end of an IP address and connect to it with your browser.

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