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Covenant Solutions use SilverStripe as a social media gateway

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 9 June 2011

This is a guest post from Aaron Brockhurst at Covenant Solutions, who have been doing great work connecting SilverStripe to Facebook.

Social media marketing is growing at a tremendous rate, as more and more brands embrace Facebook and Twitter as a means to raise their brand presence online, and increase business revenues from these marketing channels.

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Upgrading SilverStripe to 3.0

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 24 May 2011

There are a lot of questions we're asked quite frequently about SilverStripe, so we thought it might be a good idea to start addressing some of these through blog posts. This is number two in an ongoing series.

With all our talk about SilverStripe 3.0, people want to know what the implications are for older versions. On Twitter, @terryapodaca asked:

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A new SilverStripe book

Posted by Ingo Schommer on 19 May 2011

It's wintertime (at least here in the Southern Hemisphere), so the ideal time for reading a good book by the fire – or at the beach for the lucky ones north of the equator. And of course it's hard to find a more thrilling topic than SilverStripe!

Packt Publishing has just released a new book for everybody interested in the topic: SilverStripe 2.4 – Module Extensions, Themes, and Widgets, written by Philipp Krenn. Philipp has been involved with SilverStripe for a while, starting with building our first database abstraction layer during Google Summer of Code 2007.

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A Sapphire framework for OceanBrowser

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 17 May 2011

With the release of SilverStripe 3 preview 1, Sapphire is to be independent of the CMS, to really unleash the full power of the framework. We believe that Sapphire can be used to build much more than just traditional content managed websites - and we're not the only ones who are thinking that way.

Sapphire has also been embraced by OceanBrowser, a Dunedin company who make OB3, a web app for learning that is based around the social media model.

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Winners at the CMS Expo SilverStripe Awards

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 6 May 2011

As part of the recent CMS Expo in Chicago, we held SilverStripe Awards to celebrate the amazing work being done by our community. We encouraged everyone to enter, and were thrilled that there were nearly sixty entrants for the eight categories.

The awards were judged by a panel independant of SilverStripe Ltd, and were announced at the end of the expo. Awards were given to companies from Europe, the UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand - a good spread around the world.

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SilverStripe 3.0 preview 1 is here!

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 2 May 2011

It is with an enormous sense of pride, excitement, nervousness and relief that we are able to announce that SilverStripe 3.0 preview 1 has been released. This release is mainly focused on the separation of Sapphire as a framework from the "cms" module, as well as starting the new user interface implementation for the CMS. While most of the work is "under the hood", you should get a feel for how we plan to improve the authoring experience with the new interface.
Note: This release only supports the latest versions Google Chrome and Firefox, we’re in the process of adding IE support.

SilverStripe is introducing "preview releases" as a way to provide interested developers with an early stage snapshot of our work. Preview releases will be followed by "alpha releases", which contain most major API changes, and allows us to stabilise any API changes.

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Updates to our browser testing

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 19 April 2011

In March 2011, we tested the content-authoring interface within SilverStripe CMS against various major browsers, in order to provide recommendations to our users, and to identify opportunities for improvement.

The testing covered how both performance and functionality within the CMS worked.

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Wellington’s April Meetup

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 15 April 2011

Last Wednesday, 38 people gathered at an Irish pub to have a drink. More specifically, in Wellington, 38 people came along to the SilverStripe meetup we hosted, to meet one another, listen to some speakers, and just generally immerse themselves in the community in the flesh. In case you missed it, we've got slides and videos of the speakers.

Felipe Skroski

Our creative director, Felipe Skroski, presented work in progress on the interface for SilverStripe CMS 3.0, and the process SilverStripe is following for its development.

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Helping you get to the CMS Expo

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 12 April 2011

As you know, we're going to the CMS Expo Learning & Business conference, and we want you to come with us.

We think the expo will let you learn heaps about our CMS and give you a real opportunity to give feedback to us. It'll also provide a good opportunity to network, meet others using SilverStripe, and perhaps build up your client base. The expo is created for both developers building websites and apps, and also for organisations looking to find themselves the right CMS.

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Even more meetups and reminders

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 6 April 2011

The meetup bandwagon is continuing to roll out around the world!

We've had write-ups after recent events in Melbourne, Utrecht and London, and there's still more meetups to come.

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