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Even more meetups and reminders

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 6 April 2011

The meetup bandwagon is continuing to roll out around the world!

We've had write-ups after recent events in Melbourne, Utrecht and London, and there's still more meetups to come.

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SilverStripe Awards at the CMS Expo

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 24 March 2011

We're running some SilverStripe Awards, in conjunction with the CMS Expo, and we want you to enter. You, your website, or your company may be a worthy entrant - or you may know of someone else who should win.

Nominations are open until April 20. There are a lot of categories, and they fall into three groups:

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London SilverStripe Meetup

Posted by Rich Johnson on 24 March 2011

On March 3, there was a SilverStripe meetup in London. This is their story, as told by Richard Johnson.

This month, we treated UK-based SilverStripe users to a slightly different agenda at our monthly SilverStripe UK meetup event (held in London) - giving them a sneak-peek of the forthcoming 3.0 release.

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SilverStripe core now on GitHub

Posted by Joanna on 14 March 2011

We have recently moved our source code from Subversion to GitHub. GitHub is a popular and hosted source code control system based on Git, an advanced successor to Subversion.

We've made this transition because it simplifies our software release process, as we can now more easily work on two versions of our code simultaneously - our current stable series (e.g. v2.4.x) as well as upcoming releases that contain vastly different code (e.g. v3.) GitHub makes it much easier for developers outside the company to contribute code to us. This is important because, getting our community more involved with core development is a key part of our plans for SilverStripe 3.0.

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Picturing what 3.0 will look like

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 8 March 2011

By now, you've had the chance to read a lot about our plans for 3.0. It must be time for you to see some pictures then - as well as reading some more.

git hub designs

One of the new design images from GitHub

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Come meet us at the CMS Expo in Chicago

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 4 March 2011

In May, SilverStripe is going to the 2011 CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference in Chicago.


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Testing reveals IE8 and Firefox as recommended browsers for doing content entry

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 3 March 2011

In November 2010, we tested the content-authoring interface within SilverStripe CMS against various major browsers, in order to provide recommendations to our users, and to identify opportunities for improvement.

The testing covered how both performance and functionality within the CMS worked.

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SilverStripe meetups happening all over the place!

Posted by Joanna Mcleod on 2 March 2011

People like to talk about SilverStripe face to face. Our amazing community has taken it upon itself to arrange meetups in several countries, complementing the meetups we run in Wellington.

All events are free to attend, let you meet others using and developing with SilverStripe CMS, and cover a range of topics, including discussing the features in our next major upcoming software release, SilverStripe CMS v3.0. We hope you can make it to one!

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Meetups and 3.0

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 23 February 2011

Last Wednesday around fifty SilverStripe CMS users gathered here in Wellington to have some drinks, chat about what they’re up to, and learn from each other.

We started out the event with presentations from community members Tim Klein and Cam Findlay. Then, for the first time, we publicly presented information about SilverStripe 3.0, with Ingo Schommer giving a well-rounded summary of what we’re up to, then answering the many questions asked by those present. It was really great to be able to meet so many people who are all contributing to the open source project. It’d be nice if we could travel the world doing these presentations to all the SilverStripe communities, but in lieu of that, we’ve got videos and slides to share with you - feel free to ask questions in the comments if there’s more you want to know. We’re also planning to hold meetups every two months, with another Wellington meetup on April 13, with more details to come.

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Why TinyMCE?

Posted by Joanna McLeod on 11 February 2011

There are a lot of questions we're asked quite frequently about SilverStripe, so we thought it might be a good idea to start addressing some of these through blog posts. First up, this tweet prompted us to talk about why we use TinyMCE as the WYSIWYG component of our CMS.

tinyMCE - not everyone's best friend

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