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Refactoring of staticpublishqueue module

This module provides the ability to generate a static HTML cache of your websites pages to enhance security and performance (by serving just HTML). The module has been heavily refactored recently on the master branch (switch to 2.0 if you do not wish to upgrade). Main changes include:

  • Architectural overhaul (see below).
  • Removal of the legacy code which introduced dead execution paths and caused extension clashes.
  • Removal of some global state - URLArrayObject is now injected.
  • New pattern for subsite support: generation of multiple copies of cache into directories, one per configured domain.

Architecturally, the module is now split into two logical parts: implementers and engines. Implementers are extensions or objects which describe the desired caching behaviour via two new interfaces: StaticallyPublishable objects provide URLs to refresh, and StaticPublishingTrigger objects cause other objects to be refreshed during the engine run. Engines inspect arbitrary objects through these interfaces to find out which URLs should be refreshed.

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Mateusz Uzdowski, 24 December 2013

Omnipay - New payment module for SilverStripe enters beta

Community member Jeremy Shipman (jedateach) has created a silverstripe-omnipay payments module. It wraps the 3rd-party omnipay payments library, which has a number of well-tested payment gateway implementations, and a large supporting community.

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Cam Findlay, 23 December 2013

No More Joins - SilverStripe and OrientDB

OrientDBThere has been something of a database renaissance in recent years, as big data requirements have emerged so have non-relational databases and terms such as "NoSQL", "document" and "graph" scatter the landscape.

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Frank Mullenger, 20 December 2013

Meetups Around the World - Austria

SilverStripe Austria MeetupWhile SilverStripe is widely known and used in New Zealand and Australia, there are pockets of activity all around the globe. One such pocket happens to be Austria! While our best-known member is definitely Zauberfisch (German for magical fish), who is a frequent core contributor (and you may have heard his voice on SilverScoop, the SilverStripe podcast), I'm known as xeraa – bonus points if you can guess why. I have had quite a few points of contact with SilverStripe over the years.

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Philipp Krenn, 6 December 2013

Introducing... Cam, our new Community Manager

SilverStripe Dev Community, let me introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Cam Findlay. I have just joined SilverStripe Ltd as the new Community Manager. This is a new position we haven't had before so I am very much in listen, observe and understand mode for now (only 3 weeks in!). I come from a web development background having worked in various interesting companies and running my own consulting business. I'm hoping the combination of a good understanding of SilverStripe development, the open-source landscape and a focus on people will come in handy as we look to grow the SilverStripe developer community.

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Cam Findlay, 28 November 2013

Developer Training (Wellington)

Developer Training is available in Wellington on three upcoming dates:

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Sigurd Magnusson, 15 October 2013

Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic translation enables over a billion more users

The SilverStripe CMS content editing interface has now been translated into Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic, which combined are spoken as a first language by far more people in the world than English. Download SilverStripe 3.1.1 or try it out in the demo

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Sigurd Magnusson, 9 October 2013

3.1.0 goes stable

How time flies. Our first 3.1.0 beta release was brought to you by Santa – last year. The easter bunny came empty handed, but we've been busy getting the final release into shape. Today we're proud to announce the next major milestone for SilverStripe, 3.1.0 stable. Nearly a hundred contributors have joined forces, pushing over 2000 commits. We encourage you to download 3.1.0 final, and review our changelog and upgrading guide.

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Ingo Schommer, 1 October 2013