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How to improve website performance

Julian is one of our SilverStripe developers who works with the rest of the team on large projects, as well as acting as technical lead on projects of his own. He is an American citizen who has never lived in America. He was born and grew up in Germany, studied in the UK, and is now happily living in New Zealand, whose friendly, laid-back culture and natural beauty he values.

We all want our websites to be fast. Customers prefer faster websites, they buy more, stay longer, and experience more enjoyment, all because of a faster site. Moreover, research indicates that people are getting increasingly less patient with slow websites:

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Julian Seidenberg, 17 October 2012

Wellington's October Meetup: SilverStripe's new module management system and e-Commerce solutions

Thanks to all of you who attended the final Wellington SilverStripe meetup of 2012. It was great to see many familiar faces along with some newbies, too.

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Brooke Penny, 10 October 2012

Numbers and Prizes

Geeks love numbers, and colourful T-shirts. So this blog post is about both. Numbers help us to measure and compare. For our open source product, lots of curves are pointing upwards these days, which is fantastic news. And we'd like to reward the community for the significant increases we see in most of these numbers – but more on this later.

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Ingo Schommer, 1 October 2012

User testing the SilverStripe website

Kerstin Schuman, 27 September 2012

SilverStripe Framework and CMS 3.0.2 is out

SilverStripe is pleased to announce the immediate release of SilverStripe Framework and CMS 3.0.2 stable.

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Sam Minnée, 17 September 2012

Building apps with the SilverStripe Framework

Nick is an avid gamer and computer programming geek. He launched LittleMonkey, a Wellington based company specialising in mobile app development and game programming, over five years ago. He’s been working with SilverStripe since 2009 to program a range of products, not just websites.

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Nick Koirala, 13 September 2012

OmniOutliner to SilverStripe Site

Richard is a designer/developer/strategist/coffee addict/twitter junkie/slash/slash/slash. He's been working with SilverStripe since 2009 and recently started his own company design + awesome, but really needs to find time to build his site. Find him on twitter @thezenmonkey

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Richard Rudy, 6 September 2012

Documentation, oh my!

Will Rossiter, 29 August 2012

GSOC 2012 Results are in: 6x Awesomeness

The Google Summer of Code (GSOC) 2012 has finished, and we’re proud to show you what our interns have produced in the meantime. Six of our seven students have made it to the final evaluations (see our mid-term status report), and by now are well-known members of our growing community. 

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Ingo Schommer, 22 August 2012

WDCNZ 2012

Kiwi developer Hamish Friedlander is CTO at SilverStripe, and therefore Lead Developer of the SilverStripe CMS. He decides what features and functions get built in the upcoming CMS edition and knows the SilverStripe Suite inside out. He says the key to keeping development innovative is openness. Hamish lives a fast pace lifestyle on his motorbike, has a heartfelt connection with the Indonesian island of Bali, and is really bad at telling jokes.

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Hamish Friedlander, 10 August 2012