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We want to find out what features you'd like to see implemented, (or what problems royally annoy you), on the site.

Recently, SilverStripe Ltd did a reconstruction of the site. Part of it was that we wanted something splashy to go with launching Dawn, but we also wanted to migrate our own .com site to SilverStripe CMS 2.4. Since we were upgrading the backend, we figured we might as well work on improving the public facing portions too. Sorta like, "Gee, Doc, so long as I'm going to have to have surgery for my appendix anyway, can you work in a tummy tuck while I'm under?"

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Brian Boyko, 18 June 2010

Help us help you and your users with user help

We're in the middle of re-writing our user help to be compatible with SilverStripe CMS 2.4.

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Brian Boyko, 15 June 2010

Representing NZ at Full Code Press

Full Code Press is a web development and design competition run by the same group of people who run the Webstock conference, the biggest web conference in New Zealand.

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Sam Minnée, 2 June 2010

Calling for help in documentation

The criticism we hear most often from the developer community is that, with the exception of our books, SilverStripe needs to improve its developer documentation. And it's a fair point.  

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Ingo Schommer, 2 June 2010

Behind the PostgreSQL Module

We've released a module that lets SilverStripe work with PostgreSQL. I've been the primary coder working on the PostgreSQL module for the past year, and the work we did on this, alongside changes to the core Sapphire framework, have been released as part of version 2.4.

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Geoff Munn, 1 June 2010

SilverStripe 2.4 release: a significant step forward

Screenshot of SilverStripe 2.4We're excited to tell you that we just released SilverStripe version 2.4! This is a major new release and an important milestone for the SilverStripe community, the open source project, and our company.

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Brian Calhoun, 5 May 2010

SilverStripe in Philadelphia

This week, the website and intranet managers for over one hundred of America's large companies, universities, and government agencies are meeting in Philadelphia at the annual Janus Boye Conference.

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Sigurd Magnusson, 5 May 2010

Preview of SilverStripe 2.4 - Hierarchical URLs, a developer community contribution

Each week we're interviewing someone who has made a major contribution to our upcoming release of SilverStripe CMS, version 2.4.

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Sigurd Magnusson, 30 April 2010

SilverStripe v2.4 progresses to release candidate 2

We're excited to say we're extremely close to releasing a stable version of SilverStripe 2.4.

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Sigurd Magnusson, 30 April 2010

Preview to SilverStripe 2.4 - Support for SQL Server and other improvements with Microsoft technology

In the countdown to the SilverStripe CMS 2.4 release, we'll be running some interviews with people involved in key aspects of our upcoming release.

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Sigurd Magnusson, 26 April 2010