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Site downtime scheduled ahead of upgrade

In September last year we launched our new community site with an updated design and improved functionality. Since then we've been keeping extremely busy here in SilverStripe HQ with countless community events, introducing online lessons and, of course, opening our first European office. In the meantime, our company site didn't get much love and was in dire need of attention. Over the past couple of months our internal Community and Education team "The Storytellers" have been burning the midnight oil to redevelop this site. We wanted an online presence that would better reflect our global focus, explain clearly how SilverStripe Ltd contributed to the open source ecosystem and could promote our partners. 

The new site will be rolled out later this week and will be integrated seamlessly within the site. We've employed IA, design and content structure to differentiate company and community content. This means that we can develop both sites in tandem to ensure new features are rolled out to the community also. We've also focused on introducing regionalised content to highlight SilverStripe usage in context of visitor locations for greater relevance. We're looking forward to sharing development and design process in future blog posts and also hearing your feedback on the upgrade.   

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Battleship Minecraft! Fun and games at the Dutch PHP Conference

Last week the SilverStripe team headed to the Dutch PHP Conference. Sponsoring meant were able to set up a booth; with t-shirts, stickers, chocolate, and a Minecraft version of the game Battleships! Chris shares how we created the game...

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Reducing user management headaches with new Active Directory integration

For the New Zealand Government Common Web Platform we needed a way for government agencies to authenticate users with their existing on-premises directory. For SilverStripe Platform we needed a way of managing a large number of users and their access rights to sites that make up the platform, such as Gitlab for code hosting, and Deploynaut to deploy that code. Users that are authorised on the platform need to login to all of them, but users may have different access rights than others. Senior Platform Developer Sean Harvey explains our recent work to integrate SilverStripe with Active Directory and some of the technical challenges that arose. 

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Sean Harvey Sean Harvey, 2 July 2015

What it's like to intern at SilverStripe

blogimagesotTaking part in the Summer of Tech (SoT) was an unexpected road of learning and opportunities for me – a graphic design student with a background in freelance web design and testing.

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Luke Edwards Luke Edwards, 25 June 2015

Transforming SilverStripe's accounts through Agile

So how do you become Agile when it comes to accounts? Day to day, week to week and month to month there are jobs that are always the same, that always need doing. On first thought it might seem odd to decide that Agile was the best approach.

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SilverStripe 3.2 beta now available

Announcing... the first beta for SilverStripe 3.2! It’s an exciting time for us, and we want to share some of that excitement with you. Beta means that we are satisfied with the features we and the community developed, and are ready to release it to officially open it up to begin the polishing and bugfixing as we head toward a stable release. We'll be running this first beta phase for approximately 4 weeks before any additional beta phase we might need to run.

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Chris Pitt & Cam Findlay, 23 June 2015

A 5 minute UX history of SilverStripe CMS

The last SilverStripe Wellington Meetup had a focus on UX and open source projects. I gave a 5 minute lightning talk about the history of the SilverStripe CMS project's design and UX. From its beginnings as proprietary software for Totally Digital (now SilverStripe Ltd) to what it is today.

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Where are all the open source designers?

I was pleased SilverStripe hosted a Design and UX focused Meetup, it covered lots of things I’ve been thinking about recently, including where are all the OSS designers? So it was great to see a room full of people interested in the topic. I covered some big picture definitions of the difference between open design process, open source design and designing for OSS. You can find some more about those topics in this blog post.

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SilverStripe London's first monthly meetup

The London SilverStripe community had their first monthly meetup on 11 June. It was a great event with many new faces and interesting talks and discussions. 

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Throw me a drone, here: How do I win this code competition?

Last week, we announced the launch of our code competition. It's a huge opportunity for any SilverStripe code cobbler with a penchant for amateur aviation. The way it works is dead simple: you submit some of your beautiful code to us, and we evaluate it against all the other submissions to see if it's the best one. If it is, you win a quadcopter drone. It's seriously the most awesome transaction since Nicolas Cage bought a dinosaur skull.

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Aaron Carlino Aaron Carlino, 16 June 2015