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Battleship Minecraft! Fun and games at the Dutch PHP Conference

Last week the SilverStripe team headed to the Dutch PHP Conference. Sponsoring meant were able to set up a booth; with t-shirts, stickers, chocolate, and a Minecraft version of the game Battleships! Chris shares how we created the game...

It might seem like a strange combination of games, and at first many folks thought they needed to know how to play Minecraft to play Battleships.

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Reducing user management headaches with new Active Directory integration

For the New Zealand Government Common Web Platform we needed a way for government agencies to authenticate users with their existing on-premises directory. For SilverStripe Platform we needed a way of managing a large number of users and their access rights to sites that make up the platform, such as Gitlab for code hosting, and Deploynaut to deploy that code. Users that are authorised on the platform need to login to all of them, but users may have different access rights than others. Senior Platform Developer Sean Harvey explains our recent work to integrate SilverStripe with Active Directory and some of the technical challenges that arose. 

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Sean Harvey Sean Harvey, 2 July 2015

What it's like to intern at SilverStripe

blogimagesotTaking part in the Summer of Tech (SoT) was an unexpected road of learning and opportunities for me – a graphic design student with a background in freelance web design and testing.

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Luke Edwards Luke Edwards, 25 June 2015

Transforming SilverStripe's accounts through Agile

So how do you become Agile when it comes to accounts? Day to day, week to week and month to month there are jobs that are always the same, that always need doing. On first thought it might seem odd to decide that Agile was the best approach.

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Helping great web teams across the globe

For digital agencies, for developers, and for the open source community, SilverStripe is now based in London.

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How to run an internal hackday

Each month SilverStripe runs an internal hackday. We’ve been doing this for a while now; in the past our hackdays had an open source focus and SilverStripers were encouraged to improve modules, fix bugs and review pull requests. We recently made some changes to broaden the scope of hackdays to not only help with our open source efforts; but to also learn something or help others learn; or to “scratch an itch” (improve internal tools and processes etc). We also encourage all SilverStripers to take part in our hackdays — not just technical folks.

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SilverStripe London now open

We are very excited to announce the opening of the SilverStripe London office. Right across the road from the iconic Tower of London and in the heart of London's tech scene. We are based in International House in the Rainmaking Loft shared office space.

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Joel Edwards Joel Edwards, 5 May 2015

Blog 2.0: Bigger. Better. Bloggier.

Over the last few weeks, we've been working hard to bring you a new (and much improved) blog module. This upgrade was funded by the NZ Government Common Web Platform and open sourced for everyone to benefit from. We want to share some of the features with you.

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