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And the winner of the Theme Contest is..

It was very close, but the judges have agreed on a winner for the SilverStripe...

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by Kerstin Schuman

Posted 5 March 2012

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It was very close, but the judges have agreed on a winner for the SilverStripe 3 Theme Contest. The trophy of becoming the default theme for SilverStripe 3, and winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is:

Sara Tušar (Innovatif) with ‘Simple’

For such a simple theme, it’s really powerful and very well implemented. The typography is lovely, the whitespace is perfect. Fresh, open, spacious, clear, easy to read and navigate. Feels great. Well done. It’s almost devastatingly clear and simple. The triumph of usable work is that you can't even see how you could get confused. -Tom Coates

I was “shocked” with this design from the first time I saw it. Clean, crisp, simple and nice! Awesome usability concepts. Again, it's simplicity and slick look makes it the best of this category (usabilty) too. -Eduardo Cesario


Nice and simple! It’s easy to imagine any site using it. -Felipe Skorski

Here are the finalists, in order of placement:

  1. 1. Sara Tušar with "Simple" (Innovatif)
  2. 2. Hannes Wizany & Zauberfisch with ‘Simpli
  3. 3. Matt Bailey (GPMD) with ‘Sunrise
  4. 4. Anselm Christophersen with ‘Cloudy’
  5. 5. Simeon Stamenov with ‘SilverBride’

A big congratulations to you all. You’ve done an amazing job!

This was a design contest and not a coding contest, but still, the quality of the code counted towards 30% of the final result. A big ‘Thank you’ to Jared Fullerton from Bluehousegroup, who took the time to check and comment on all the code from your entries. Here are the ratings, in terms of quality of code:

  1. 1. Hannes Wizany & Zauberfisch with ‘Simpli’
  2. 2. Anselm Christophersen with ‘Cloudy’
  3. 3. Matt Bailey (GPMD) with ‘Sunrise’
  4. 4. Sara Tušar (Innovatif)
  5. 5. Simeon Stamenov with ‘SilverBride’

As the icing on the cake, I asked the judges to pick an extra theme that was not among the top five rated themes, and rate as the ‘Expert’s Choice’. Amazingly enough, three out of five judges independently from each other picked Tangerine out of the remaining fifteen themes.

Congratulations to Svetlana Coward from GPMD, she created Tangerine. There is no material prize for you, but you will receive a badge for your website to promote your work. (More about the winner and finalist prizes in a later post).

The competition was really hard, so don’t be disappointed if you didn’t quite make it. As I said before; we are all winners with this Theme Contest. The community now has fresh, new themes that will make evangelism for the CMS so much easier.

If you missed checking out the entries, here are the top 5 themes up in the gallery.

Our aim is to work hard and see if we can get ‘Simple’ into beta 3.0. We will also come up with ideas about how to bundle all the other themes from the contest to make them available for download. I will keep you updated on the status of that.